Proof Vision Prove That They Can Take Property Development To The Next Level

Property development can be a fiercely competitive business and with a recent rise in house prices, customers are becoming ever more determined to receive value for money. With this in mind, property developers are keen to achieve the ‘edge’ over their competitors. Electronics company ‘Proof Vision’ are offering exactly that: the ultimate in design, functionality and style, with their waterproof televisions and sound systems which can be installed in any bathroom or garden.

Proof Vision have worked hard to ensure that their products meet with modern technological requirements. Their waterproof television range includes LED TVs and their sound systems have a Bluetooth feature, as well as DAB radio, with high quality waterproof speakers. The company have even been able to provide LED technology within their outdoor television line.

In addition to providing customers with televisions and sound systems which meet the ‘waterproof’ brief, Proof Vision pay great attention to detail when it comes to the style and finish of their products. Proof Vision state, “Making it work in challenging conditions. We are the true specialists when it comes to water resistant electronics. Our aim is to deliver waterproof, flush and in-wall televisions and music systems for modern day living.”

Proof Vision can fit televisions which are flush to a wall, fully integrating them into bathrooms which makes the products part of the overall design, rather than an additional feature. Proof Vision have developed a range of clever integrations, which include sleek sound systems designed as stylish bathroom mirrors. Prospective property buyers are bound to be more than impressed by these extras, giving them a ‘wow factor’ that perhaps other properties don’t have.

About Proof Vision:

Proof Vision are a forward thinking electronics company who provide products to individuals who want to improve their homes, as well property developers who are keen to offer prospective buyers that something special. Proof Vision are proud to have received nationwide coverage and acclaim during ‘Grand Designs Live.’ Company directors are keen to ensure that their design team are on top of the latest trends and technological advances and so the company are frequently adding to their product range. To browse their latest products, or to find out about up-coming designs, visit their website on the address below.

Katie Malik Interiors

From time-to-time, KOTHEA are happy to host profiles of interior designers and architects to boost their awareness and provide a link to their work/website.


KMalikProfileHello, my name is Katie Malik and I’m an interior designer based in Cambridge. Here is my story: during my secondary school years, I developed a love for interior design but put my passion on hold to instead earn a degree in Linguistics. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, making me a much better communicator and an excellent listener. I completed Interior Design training at Chelsea College of Art in London and finally turned my passion into a full-time job.

Now, I design for and on behalf of Katie Malik Interiors, which I founded in 2012. In accordance with the belief “A home should reflect the people living there”, Katie Malik Interiors is about taking a holistic view of the way individuals use and enjoy their space and delivers bespoke interior design solutions to homeowners and developers both in the UK and internationally.

Our trademark is efficient, yet sophisticated and timeless design, demonstrated across a range of large and small-scale projects, featured, among the others, in the Homify magazine. We are also very excited for the kitchen we designed to appear in the Ideal Home magazine very soon.

Visit our inspirational website: or search for interior design advice on our blog:

How to relieve the stress of buying your first home

There’s no point in denying it, buying a house can be a pretty stressful experience, it’s possibly even the most stressful thing you’ll ever do. It’s unrealistic to think you can just sail through the whole process without a worry but it is possible to remove some of the stress from the process. Here’s some tips to help you to do just that…

Timing: Jumping in at the wrong moment will make the whole process a lot more stressful. If you’re planning a family, for example, try to get your move done and dusted long before your baby arrives. Trying to move when heavily pregnant or looking after a young baby is no fun. Ideally you’d buy your home when your work and home life – and your finances – are settled.

Finances: Speaking of which, money matters. Make sure you’ve properly budgeted for the cost of your move – taking into account the full cost and not just the deposit. You can pick up some great tips here on the sorts of issues you will encounter and how to overcome them – including how to find the right mortgage for you and the details of the sorts of affordable housing schemes that make it easier to fund a deposit. Things will move along a lot more smoothly – and less stressfully – if you are fully clued up on the costs that you’ll face and have saved enough money to one side. Unexpected and costly surprises equal a great deal more stress.

Planning: Part of the secret to getting the timing and finances aspect of house buying right is in the planning. Think – and talk – everything through – from the initial idea, saving the money you need, searching for the right property, finding the right mortgage deal right through to the move itself. If you’re buying as a couple then share the responsibility and halve the paperwork load. Keep all of your paperwork together so that it’s to hand when you need it. Once the purchase begins in earnest start packing your things as soon as possible – and label everything up. The stress of the move can be the worst part if you leave it all until the last minute.

Help: Get help and advice at every step of the way. If you bottle up your concerns or queries you’ll simply make things even more stressful. Call on professional support from a financial advisor but also, equally importantly, get emotional support by calling on your friends and family. Speak to people who have recently purchased a home and find out what worked well for them – that sort of advice can be invaluable. They might also be able to give you an all-important hand on moving day. Having a small band of trusted friends and family around you on the moving day can be of great comfort.

Be prepared: You need to treat your house move seriously, plan it properly, get your finances in order and, not be afraid to call for help. By doing all this you’ll be in the best position to react swiftly to anything unforeseen that comes up and make the process as stress free as possible.

Make sure you keep the eventual goal in your head at all times too. If you focus on the positives that you’ll get from owning your own property it’ll be the light at the end of the tunnel and get you through the hard work of buying and moving.

A paint for every problem – how to overcome common workplace issues

When it comes to choosing paint, it’s not just the colour you have to think about. Different products are suitable for different jobs and will help you carry out workplace DIY and maintenance with ease. Of course, with so many varieties of paint to choose from it can be hard to know where to start, so here’s a short ‘paint for every problem’ guide to help you out.

Cladding paints

Metal cladding is subject to weathering and deterioration which is why it’s a good idea to check out the protective cladding paints available. These specialist products are designed to not only extend the lifespan of cladding but rejuvenate cladding that’s already lost its condition. They provide a high-quality finish in almost any colour and can be bought from the likes of RawlinsPaints. Moreover, paints of this kind also offer up to 15 years of protection for metal making them a great investment.

Anti-slip paints

If you’re looking to improve the health and safety of your workplace and find that many areas of your premises are slippery underfoot, anti-slip paint could be just what you need. It provides a textured surface helping to improve grip and is also available in many different hues allowing you to stick to the colour scheme of your choice. Anti-slip traffic paint is also ideal for driveways and parking areas, preventing vehicles from skidding on slippery surfaces.

Emergency roof repair paints

A leaking roof might seem like a disaster but with emergency roof repair paints you can solve the problem quickly without much disruption to your working life. Specialist paints are designed to repair leaks in all conditions including rain and snow and can seal leaks and cracks quickly and efficiently – good to know, right? They can be used on most types of roof surfaces and provide a strong, waterproof coating.

Mould and damp proof paints

Mould and damp proof paints are designed to tackle common problems such as nuisance damp, condensation, mould, mildew and more. Anti-fungal paints are great to have in storage if your office is prone to damp patches and when applied will help keep your workplace looking as professional as possible. Paints suitable for indoor and outdoor use are readily available, so don’t put up with problems – find solutions for them instead.

The right paint can help you overcome a wealth of workplace problems and with many different colours available you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Bathroom Finishes and Fittings for All Budgets

bathroomThere are several of various factors to take into account when upgrading areas within your home. One of the greatest is your own budget. In the event your bathroom is in need of some more than due TLC then you have to find bathroom fittings and finishes for any spending budgets.

Renovating could be an outrageously expensive endeavour. It is because you do not only want the very best, but in some cases need to have the very best. The one element that you can’t afford to not spend money on is the tiling of the bathroom. There are so many different tiles on the market, however the tiles should be resistant to water and more durable. At the end of your day bathroom is actually a spot which is unavoidably getting wet. You don’t want to have a mold growing because you didn’t invest your money properly. After you have sorted out the tiles, you should look for other spots in which you will require replacing. The one excellent elements of a bath room is that it is very easy to buy bathroom fixtures that come in one set. Essentially you can get a sink, bath tub as well as toilet all in one go, for one overall price.

Bathroom fixtures are certainly the best choice for the budget conscious, specifically if you just have forked out a lot of cash on your tiles. Such bath room fittings are actually known as bathroom sets and there is a vast array to pick from. In most cases the particular designs are fairly simple. There are hardly any that seem to be particularly distinctive and the ones that possess a more contemporary look will be a bit more costly. This isn’t to say that the other sets look like they’ve got just emerge from the seventies but rather that they do not have an “artistic” appearance. Acquiring a set will surely help you to reduce your financial budget and spend cash in different places. All you need to do is decide on a colour and design and you’ll have three items checked off of your bath room wish list.

Other finishes that are a must have for the bathroom, is certainly storage space. Bathrooms are generally in the smaller sections just as it is, which is why making use of the space wisely is really a necessity. There are 2 methods to put storage space and arrange your bathrooms, either installing it or secluding it. Bathroom cupboards can be used on your wall, and not just offer a mirror but space within it to keep the medication along with other essential items into it. The next choice is to seclude the storage, by simply pushing it into a corner. There are actually 3 tiered corner tables that have been developed, having a triangle shape back so that they can be pushed into the corner sides of bathroom. In either case you’ll be able to build space that is budget conscious.

2015 Double Width Sheer

Double width sheer fabric
Double width sheer fabric
Double width sheer fabric

Double width sheers are great as they reduce the quantity of seams in the final, made-up treatment as well as reducing the cost or making up. We have several ineresting and unusual geomnetric designs for Spring 2015


Shimmering Upholstery

White Textured Upholstery on Contemporary Chair
White Textured Upholstery on Contemporary Chair
White Textured Upholstery on Contemporary Chair


New for Spring 2015, striking and shimmering design beautifully upholstered on an occasional chair.