Cashmere Throws & Luxury Bed, Sofa Blankets

Cashmere Throws & Luxury Bed, Sofa Blankets

Luxury Cashmere Throws and Designer Cashmere Bed Blankets from KOTHEA are the very best you can buy in the UK.

We only use 100% Pure Cashmere wool, hand woven by expert artisans for our bespoke cashmere throws. We offer an extensive collection comprising beautiful designs in a range of muted, neutral colourways.

100% Cashmere Wool – Many Competitor throws are 30% cashmere and 70% mixed fibres, that’s why they’re cheap.

2-Ply – Cheaper throws are also more likely to be 2-ply ie made like a scarf with the bare minimum wool content. KOTHEA Cashmere throws vary from 4-Ply to 10-Ply.

We have precise attention to every detail, right down to the: intricacy of the weave; the tassels; the extravagant thickness & feel; the design and colour matching. The main image shows one of our Inspiring Cashmere Bed Throws at the Simon Horn King’s Road store.

Cashmere Throws & Luxury Bed, Sofa Blankets by KOTHEA @ Simon horn
Luxury Cashmere Throw by Ben Nicholson for Simon Horn

We have 12 different designs, many standard colourways, bespoke options and 3 standard fringe designs.


Cashmere Throws Luxury Cashmere Throw – Designers’ Worksheet
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 Cashmere Throws – Colour Chart
Luxury Cashmere Throw – Design Chart
Cashmere Throws – Fringe Chart