Proof Vision Prove That They Can Take Property Development To The Next Level

Property development can be a fiercely competitive business and with a recent rise in house prices, customers are becoming ever more determined to receive value for money. With this in mind, property developers are keen to achieve the ‘edge’ over their competitors. Electronics company ‘Proof Vision’ are offering exactly that: the ultimate in design, functionality and style, with their waterproof televisions and sound systems which can be installed in any bathroom or garden.

Proof Vision have worked hard to ensure that their products meet with modern technological requirements. Their waterproof television range includes LED TVs and their sound systems have a Bluetooth feature, as well as DAB radio, with high quality waterproof speakers. The company have even been able to provide LED technology within their outdoor television line.

In addition to providing customers with televisions and sound systems which meet the ‘waterproof’ brief, Proof Vision pay great attention to detail when it comes to the style and finish of their products. Proof Vision state, “Making it work in challenging conditions. We are the true specialists when it comes to water resistant electronics. Our aim is to deliver waterproof, flush and in-wall televisions and music systems for modern day living.”

Proof Vision can fit televisions which are flush to a wall, fully integrating them into bathrooms which makes the products part of the overall design, rather than an additional feature. Proof Vision have developed a range of clever integrations, which include sleek sound systems designed as stylish bathroom mirrors. Prospective property buyers are bound to be more than impressed by these extras, giving them a ‘wow factor’ that perhaps other properties don’t have.

About Proof Vision:

Proof Vision are a forward thinking electronics company who provide products to individuals who want to improve their homes, as well property developers who are keen to offer prospective buyers that something special. Proof Vision are proud to have received nationwide coverage and acclaim during ‘Grand Designs Live.’ Company directors are keen to ensure that their design team are on top of the latest trends and technological advances and so the company are frequently adding to their product range. To browse their latest products, or to find out about up-coming designs, visit their website on the address below.

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