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Exceptional quality, inspiring collections, extensive colourways. Core fabrics for your design scheme: extended neutrals; striking designs; technical fabrics; professional support and guidance for fabric specification and treatment.

From upholstery velvet fabrics to luxury cashmere throws; and from upholstery linen to upholstery faux leather fabrics. The very best quality fabrics for professional Interior Designers.

Mohair Velvet Upholstery for Interior Designers


Mohair Velvet & Silk Velvet Upholstery Fabric

Mohair Velvet Upholstery Fabrics and other designer upholstery Velvets are our specialities, we are inspired and excited by exquisite velvets made from high-quality yarns such as silk, mohair, cashmere, linen and cotton

For our contract clients; we have a significant number of contract velvet collections, ranging from the most durable Mohair Upholstery Velvet to FR Treveria Contract Velvets. Contract velvet fabrics from KOTHEA offer the very best Wyzenbeek / Martindale test values for upholstery where rubs exceed 100,000. We have ‘shiny’ and non-‘shiny’ velvets; long- and short-pile velvets; dense and less-dense velvet weaves.

Our Upholstery Mohair Velvet is very much on-trend for 2022 perhaps because of the high-quality and 100% natural yarn we use or perhaps it’s the durability of contract-grade options with 100,000 rub counts. There is a very large colour palette to choose from, often with your desired colour available across a series of different collections.

As all our velvets are woven in Europe, you know the quality will be the best.

Some tips for narrowing down your velvet choice

  • “Velvet” refers to the type of weave. A velvet fabric can be made from a very large range of fibres, mohair wool is just one of those fibres.
  • Mohair fibre comes from the underbelly of a specific goat variety
  • Mohair Velvet is one of the most popular options as it is typically very durable and with an inherent Crib 5 pass. So there are no further costs of FR treatment.
  • Silk Velvet can look fantastic but is typically only for domestic use
  • Cotton velvet can be a good alternative to Mohair Velvet and is often around half the price, whilst still representing a 100% natural product. Our cotton velvet is sufficiently durable for many contract applications and certainly for domestic uses, however, it does require Crib 5 treatment.
  • There are more interesting and unusual weaves available with linen, man-made yarns and with our super-luxury Italian Cashmere & Silk Velvet, which is only available to our current clients.

Specify colours from our online colour cards and click <here> to receive cuttings.

As Interior Designers, you know that KOTHEA will never compromise on elegance in our design and recognize that our velvets offer you a safe choice when specifying for your discerning and demanding clients.

Cashmere Throws & Luxury Bed, Sofa Blankets

Cashmere Throws & Luxury Bed, Sofa Blankets

Luxury Cashmere Throws and Designer Cashmere Bed Blankets from KOTHEA are the very best you can buy in the UK.

We only use 100% Pure Cashmere wool, hand woven by expert artisans for our bespoke cashmere throws. We offer an extensive collection comprising beautiful designs in a range of muted, neutral colourways.

100% Cashmere Wool – Many Competitor throws are 30% cashmere and 70% mixed fibres, that’s why they’re cheap.

2-Ply – Cheaper throws are also more likely to be 2-ply ie made like a scarf with the bare minimum wool content. KOTHEA Cashmere throws vary from 4-Ply to 10-Ply.

We have precise attention to every detail, right down to the: intricacy of the weave; the tassels; the extravagant thickness & feel; the design and colour matching. The main image shows one of our Inspiring Cashmere Bed Throws at the Simon Horn King’s Road store.

Cashmere Throws & Luxury Bed, Sofa Blankets by KOTHEA @ Simon horn
Luxury Cashmere Throw by Ben Nicholson for Simon Horn

We have 12 different designs, many standard colourways, bespoke options and 3 standard fringe designs.


Cashmere Throws Luxury Cashmere Throw – Designers’ Worksheet
Cashmere ThrowsCashmere Throws – Summary Document
 Cashmere Throws – Colour Chart
Luxury Cashmere Throw – Design Chart
Cashmere Throws – Fringe Chart


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To best display your schemes we offer interior designers 12cm x 12cm cuttings. We can also offer larger pieces for your client presentations such as A4 returnable samples or, if available, returnable show-lengths.

We have a large number of collections and colourways. Please be specific about what you need as it is not feasible to send the entire collection.

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