How to relieve the stress of buying your first home

There’s no point in denying it, buying a house can be a pretty stressful experience, it’s possibly even the most stressful thing you’ll ever do. It’s unrealistic to think you can just sail through the whole process without a worry but it is possible to remove some of the stress from the process. Here’s some tips to help you to do just that…

Timing: Jumping in at the wrong moment will make the whole process a lot more stressful. If you’re planning a family, for example, try to get your move done and dusted long before your baby arrives. Trying to move when heavily pregnant or looking after a young baby is no fun. Ideally you’d buy your home when your work and home life – and your finances – are settled.

Finances: Speaking of which, money matters. Make sure you’ve properly budgeted for the cost of your move – taking into account the full cost and not just the deposit. You can pick up some great tips here on the sorts of issues you will encounter and how to overcome them – including how to find the right mortgage for you and the details of the sorts of affordable housing schemes that make it easier to fund a deposit. Things will move along a lot more smoothly – and less stressfully – if you are fully clued up on the costs that you’ll face and have saved enough money to one side. Unexpected and costly surprises equal a great deal more stress.

Planning: Part of the secret to getting the timing and finances aspect of house buying right is in the planning. Think – and talk – everything through – from the initial idea, saving the money you need, searching for the right property, finding the right mortgage deal right through to the move itself. If you’re buying as a couple then share the responsibility and halve the paperwork load. Keep all of your paperwork together so that it’s to hand when you need it. Once the purchase begins in earnest start packing your things as soon as possible – and label everything up. The stress of the move can be the worst part if you leave it all until the last minute.

Help: Get help and advice at every step of the way. If you bottle up your concerns or queries you’ll simply make things even more stressful. Call on professional support from a financial advisor but also, equally importantly, get emotional support by calling on your friends and family. Speak to people who have recently purchased a home and find out what worked well for them – that sort of advice can be invaluable. They might also be able to give you an all-important hand on moving day. Having a small band of trusted friends and family around you on the moving day can be of great comfort.

Be prepared: You need to treat your house move seriously, plan it properly, get your finances in order and, not be afraid to call for help. By doing all this you’ll be in the best position to react swiftly to anything unforeseen that comes up and make the process as stress free as possible.

Make sure you keep the eventual goal in your head at all times too. If you focus on the positives that you’ll get from owning your own property it’ll be the light at the end of the tunnel and get you through the hard work of buying and moving.

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