Faux Leather Upholstery for contract and domestic projects with Crib 5 fabric treatment

Faux Leather Upholstery Fabrics to Crib 5

Our Fine Faux Leather fabrics are Crib 5 contract-grade, upholstery fabric mainstays. Their flex, their Martindale results and other technical properties give them excellent technical performance characteristics as well as being beautiful to the eye.

KOTHEA offer varied ranges of faux animal skins across a wide colour palette.

We have several collections of Faux Leather Upholstery fabrics, sometimes referred to as leatherettes, which are eminently suitable for contract usage with very high Martindale Rub test results, in excess of 200,000 rubs – usually, you will only find faux leather with up to 100,000 rubs and some demanding contract environments might require more than that, or you might want to be more conservative when specifying for the intended usage, likewise with Crib 7 over Crib 5.

Our upholstery Faux Leather collections come with over 20 colourways per collection including black faux leather and also have several cleaning and durability characteristics making them suitable for: boutique hotels; bars; yachts; spas, wall- & door-panelling; cushions and upholstery. (Alcantara is a brand of upholstery faux leather).

Typically our upholstery vinyls and faux leathers are available by the metre and are 137-140 cm wide, with roll lengths between 25m and 50m. You can get a good indication of the available colours from the colour charts, below, however, there will be some discrepancies with what your smartphone or monitor displays compared to the real product so we are happy to send samples once you have narrowed down your choices.

Be wary of cheaper faux leathers. Whilst they may have a reasonable-looking rub test they will be thin and will easily tear. Our fabrics are made and tested in Europe and you can be certain that they meet the durability and FR standards that you need to be sure of by law.

Interior designers should check the pdf colour cards below and then click <here> for cuttings.

Here are the colourways of two of our most popular collections.

Faux Leather UpholsteryFine Faux Leather (Collection 3) – Colour Chart
Faux Leather UpholsteryFine Faux Leather (Collection 4) – Colour Chart

If you need faux leather for upholstery that meets the super-stringent Crib 7 fire regulations then we can help there too.