How to Make Your Condo Look Like an Urban Loft

leave-room-825316_640[1]Just about every interior presents its own set of challenges when it comes time to decorate, but this doesn’t mean you should have to compromise your sense of style. Rather, a little creative problem-solving might be in order! No matter what kind of budget you have available or what type of living space you’re working with, you can always get the look you’re after by making the right choices and shopping with a bit of savvy. Even your condo can look like an urban loft, if you play your cards right! We’ll talk about a few decoration and design tips that will help you inject some truly modern, “urban” sensibilities into just about any condo or apartment.

Use the Space You Have

Something that a lot of people might not realize about interior decoration and design is that the results you achieve are based as much on the thing you decide to include in a room as it is on the things you decide not to include in a room. Sometimes a more open and airy layout is best, especially if you’re wanting to make your living space more open.

Not every condominium can have a loft’s grand, high ceilings, but by producing a relatively sparse arrangement and by choosing furniture with lower profiles, you can definitely work to create a sense of space and openness in your home.

Keep It Simple & Stylish in Equal Measure

Getting the “urban loft” look just right involves more than just laying out your space properly. It also involves picking out the right pieces, so your furniture communicates your sense of style and sophistication. You can really get the look of an artist’s loft by making sure to select simple, clean furniture designs. Look specifically for pieces that fit the mid-century modern aesthetic. These pieces usually have simple, stark lines that helps them communicate a sense of effortless style.

Industrial Designs Are Where It’s At

Another great way to communicate an urban aesthetic is by picking out pieces that were made with, or heavily feature, industrial materials. The combination of mid-century or modern design sensibilities with industrial elements is a great way to give your home urban flavor. Industrial steel cubes are a great example of modern simplicity that can play a versatile part in your home’s decor. Like most great furniture, cubes are modular, which is another way to get a great urban feel when you’re decorating your condo or apartment. Focus on pieces that will give you a variety of use so you can truly open up your home.

Author Bio: Carolyn Clarke is a marketing coordinator for Urban Loft, an interior decor merchandiser with a focus on mid-century modern design. In her free time, Carolyn enjoys blogging, yoga, and rearranging her bedroom furniture, which she is still trying to get just right.

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