Design Revolution 2013: Interior Designers Work Smart

Source: Marketo

2013: Finally it’s here. Will it be a lucky year or an unlucky 13-based year?

I suspect that the number of the year will make zero difference to how well you do. You might get a stroke or two of good luck but I would strongly suspect that your actions might put you in better positions where ‘luck’ is more likely to go your way.

Being MORE creative might make you luckier. I also suspect that the creativity you already have is a ‘given’ amount. So what we need to do is work a bit smarter to get that darned creativity out of you.

On the right is a neat infographic from a company called Marketo (click the image to enlarge it). It’s tongue-in-cheek and gives 7 ways for you to waste time. Just in case you are having a sense of humour crisis today…YOU NEED TO DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE DIAGRAM SAYS 🙂

Going through some of their points

  1. Set your email to only check for new emails every hour not every 5 minutes. Better still just only manually send and receive emails.
  2. Tidy desk = tidy mind (note to self: work required here!)
  3. Get a comfy chair and work in front of you not at an angle. Sit properly.
  4. Multi-tasking is the art of doing more than one thing BADLY. Men and women both think they are brilliant if they are multi-taskers. Hint: you’re not. Do one thing, do it well and move on.
  5. Turn off electronic alerts that distract you (similar to #1)
  6. Be unsociable and get back to work!
  7. Put ‘rationalise to-do list’ as first thing on ‘to-do’ list

good luck

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