Appassionato Di Tessuti – Chance To Influence KOTHEA’s Marketing

How does that sound. I mean “Appassionato Di Tessuti”, how does that sound (apart from “Italian”, which is what it is)?

Honestly, we do have more important things here at KOTHEA to worry about other than our company strap line – such as the Autumn 2010 collection. However we have used the “Passionate About Fabrics” strap line for our business for over 7 years and, whilst it does accurately depict how we behave and feel, we have noticed that quite a few other companies in a wide range of fields also use the “Passionate About [something]” line as well. I’m sure it’s very true about them also, but it potentially kind of devalues what we are saying.

So we are procrastinating over numerous coffees as to what we should change our strap line to, if at all. Remember it does say what we want it to but we are concerned that the phrase may be overused elsewhere.

So here’s our thinking and you can vote on your preference at the end.

1. Leave ‘as-is’.
2. Appassionato Di Tessuti – Same words in Italian, where many of our designs are produced.
3. Ispirati Da Tessuti – Inspired by Fabrics. Lose the passion, regain the inspiration?!
4. Tessuti Di Ispirazione – Inspirational Fabrics

Please give us your opinion:

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