Interior Design Trends (Again) For 2010

We are half way through the year almost. Who was right?

Maison & Objet said: 2010’s trends are for Grey, Linen, Pink, Natural Wood Finishes, Metalics, Over-scaled Motifs, Stripes & Ethnic.

Kelly Hoppen said: LINEAR SHABBY CHIC,

Colours:  neutrals still rock and always will. But with added bits like art, photography etc. can be anything and everything

Carpets and rugs: PATTERN, SHAG and THICK PILES with a comfortable sinking feeling.

Walls: seductive and edged and capped in metals. Wallpaper will be also be massive this year and it will all be textural.

– Floors: there will be a lot of wood in all colours

Farrow & Ball said:

industrial colour trends – earthy shades of stone, clay, chalk and brick. Soft grey neutrals and inky darks. Uplift with splashes of citrus shades.

aquatic trends: subtle natural colours contrasting with strong inky blues

urban decay: strong vibrant colours with a vibrant edge, use dark and dramatic colours and inject zingy bright colours.

glitz and glamour: use rich opulent shades alongside shimmering metallics. Exotic combining colour and excess. The key is a myriad of colours.

We say: Interior Designers do not normally push particular products. Manufacturers have a bias towards what their R&D (or whims) have told them to sell. I’d always give more credence to what designers like Kelly Hoppen have to say. Fortunately for here she took the time to write those thoughts on her blog and unfortunately for many of you…you didn’t. HAVE MORE CONFIDENCE IN WHAT YOU DO, tell us about it and trends blog post is the easiest thing in the world to do.

3 Replies to “Interior Design Trends (Again) For 2010”

  1. I have had people asking for monotone cream interiors, gray tones, purples, and some plaid and 1950’s retro as well. The turquoise is not anything new and people seem to be getting tired of it even though it’s supposed to be the color of the year.

  2. I think many designers missed a trick by not writing a blog post or two at the start of this year about their predicted trends for 2010.

  3. It takes lots of creativity and a willingness to try new things. If you are completing the interior design project for someone else you need to take their interests into consideration. You also want to find out how they will be using the room so you can give it a feel that works well for that use.

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