Velvet Fabrics by KOTHEA include Mohair Velvet, Cotton Velvet, Linen Velvet

Velvet Fabric Includes Mohair Velvet
Velvet Fabric Includes Mohair Velvet

Velvet Fabrics by KOTHEA include Mohair Velvet, Cotton Velvet, Linen Velvet & silk velvet. The most popular being mohair velvet the most luxurious being Cashmere Silk Velvet.

KOTHEA was asked “what is the difference between cotton velvet and mohair velvet upholstery fabric”.

More of an explanation about velvet is given here – essentially ‘velvet’ is the finish arrived at by a specific production process. That process can be applied to many fibres. Mohair usually refers to a silk-like fabric or yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat and cotton is a natural fibre that grows from the cotton plant.

This blog contains lots of posts on velvets both from: an explanatory point of view; a marketing/sales point of view; and a usage point of view – hopefully something for everyone. You can use the search tools to the right to find out more. Please feel free to ask questions.

Cat Proof Velvet

Q. We were recently asked if there was a cat proof or ‘claw resistant’ velvet fabric for upholstery.

A. Some velvets are extremely hard wearing. However cats claws can act like knives and few, if any, fabrics are knife proof. So unfortunately no we do not sell cat proof velvets.

However the hardest finish would be one that is least affected by a claw. So at one end of the scale you might have a fine silk, easily torn, and at the other end of the scale a vinyl based finish would be quite durable.

So a cat proof sofa would probably be covered in a vinyl floor tile like material. It would be ‘cat proof’ but awful to sit on! So I would go with a compromise like a faux leather or keep my cat’s claws well clipped or create some alternate environment for the cat to exhibit its natural claw sharpening tendencies elsewhere. Good luck.

Suitability of Wool Mohair For Upholstery

We were asked about the suitability of “wool mohair” for upholstery.

There’s probably a little confusion here as wool and mohair both refer to animal hair. Technically mohair is wool; as wool encompasses animal hair from the Caprinae family (ie sheep, goats, llamas and rabbits). Assuming that the question means sheep wool then both could be woven together of course. But then the suitability of those fibres for upholstery really depends on how they are woven.

So neither wool nor mohair in themselves are always suitable for upholstery. It depends on how they are woven. To properly assess any fabrics suitability for upholstery you need to look at the fabrics rub test and its ability to be fire treated.

Pure natural fibres (sheep wool and mohair) are normally exempt from the match test for upholstery but still need to pass the cigarette test (please look elsewhere on this blog for information – or for definitive information look at fabric may or may no require treating, you will have to check.

Mohair can have a Martindale/rub test of over 100,000 (e.g. our Mohair Velvet) and so can be suitable for contract upholstery. Whereas one of our 100% sheep wool fabrics has a martindale of 23,000 again making it suitable for upholstery.

So really its probably best to find the Mohair/Wool fabric you like and then find out if that particular one is suitable for upholstery.

The UK’s Top-Market Fabric Suppliers To Interior Designers

Click the fabric company name for their web site:

Abbot and Boyd 020 7351 9985
Altfield 020 7351 5893
Alton Brooke 020 7376 7008
Borderline 020 7823 3567
Brian Yates 01524 35035
Brunswig 020 7351 5797
Bruno Triplet 020 7823 9990
Chase Erwin 020 8875 7441
Colefax 020 7244 7427
Colony Fabrics 020 7351 3232
Donghia 020 7823 3456
Gainsborough Silk 01787 372081
Henry Bertrand 020 7349 1477
Jab 020 7349 9323
Jane Churchill 020 7244 7427
Jrobertscott 020 7376 4705
KOTHEA 0870 285 4768
Kravet 020 7795 0110
Lee Jofa 020 7823 3455
Lelievre 020 7352 4798
Manuel Canovas 020 8877 6400
Nobilis 020 7351 7878
Pierre Frey 0207 376 55 99
Robert Allen 01494 474741
Sacho Hesslein 020 7352 6168
Silk Gallery 020 7351 1790
Turnell and Gigon 020 7259 7280
Watts Westminster 020 7376 4486
Zimmer and Rhode 020 7351 7115
Zoffany 08708 300 350

Many of these fabric companies sell a wide range of products including: chenille, contract fabric, faux / fake leather, mohair velvet, linen velvet, cotton velvet, wool,  hand woven products, natural silk, cashmere and damask for upholstery, curtains and cushions.

Busy at KOTHEA

We have been absolutely hectic at KOTHEA this year. Some new velvets are coming on board as I write and we have been concentrating a lot more as well on European business this year.

There are a few new marketing activities we have planned which should hopefully add a little value to the interior design community rather than just trying to sell stuff to them, so watch this space and your in-box for more information on that.

We have tried to offer as full a range of velvets as possible: cotton velvets; linen velvets; cashmere silk velvets; silk velvets; mohair velvets and so on. We are thought about offering a budget range as well but decided in the end not to tarnish our strong quality brand. I think we made the right choice.

Black & Pink Fabrics

Sometimes we can all get a little carried away with the modern staples of colour. The muted neutrals, the taupe and dare I even say it, beige.

We’ve added some new colours to several of our ranges. Shades of pink and black! Not earth shattering news perhaps but black velvets and pink linens are asked for more often than you’d think.

KOTHEA also have black fabrics in interesting textures such as mohair velvet, bobbly wool and a cord / corduroy.

Interior Design Directories

The myriad of design sites on the internet makes it difficult for trade professionals to find the most suitable products for their projects.

The most well known and used site is The House Directory. Whilst accessible to everyone, this site remains an invaluable resource for all interior design professionals. The site was improved further with a full re-design in 2008 and subsequently re-launched. The site comprises a large database of over 3,000 companies covering all aspects of interior and garden design and decoration with a beautifully presented interface to the web. Cheryl and Nicolette at The House Directory are rightfully proud of their creation and boast the highest-ranked site for interior decoration directories in the world (Source: Google). The House Directory was formerly House & Garden Addresses.

Home & Gardening Magazine also have a creditable online directory.

Yet another promising new directory is the Technical Library Services showcase Savoir-Faire. This is well designed and looks promising for the future.

For a wider range of architectural products, the RIBA Product Selector would be the place to go.

For those designers specifically interested in top market fabrics including silks, linens, mohair velvets, faux leathers and the like then we would definitely recommend The House Directory or contact the companies directly.

Pan Peninsula

Well, despite the market slowdown the luxury 50 storey Pan Peninsula tower in London Docklands is fully sold. Alongside amazing apartments are a signature restaurant, private cinema and a Six Senses Spa.

The penthouses have amazing views and KOTHEA have supplied some of our very best mohair velvets for this development.