Painting from Photographs

Image Credit: & DeepArt

My selfies are never going to grace the wall of the Museum of Fine Art; nor at Tate Modern for that matter.

However with a little internet wizardry, that even Harry Potter would be proud of, it is now eminently possible to turn your own photographs into works of art. Certainly to a standard where they can grace YOUR living room walls.

Essentially, online services will ask you to upload your image and then to choose an artistic style so that it’s algorithms can manipulate your image according to key features of that artistic style and/or medium. You can see that, above, with the Albert Einstein image rendered as in the style of Vincent van Gogh. Cool!

Services like Portraits on Demand offer a more straightforward and practical service that will render your image to mimic specific media such as oil, pencil, watercolour, charcoal, pastel and acrylic. This is a more cost effective approach, as the more complex manipulations that are made when changing the artistic style (rather than medium) can become quite prohibitive from a cost point of view. Sometimes ranging to the thousands of pounds/dollars.

Contrast those thousands with the cost of printing out and sending a media-mimiced image which will range from a few tens of pounds/dollars to a few hundred pounds/dollars. Mostly those costs are dependent on the size of the canvas and the secure shipping costs for getting the art to your door.

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