Home Decoration Ideas: Perfecting Your Home Office

Concrete Table

Your home office is probably a nicer environment than your ‘workplace’ office. You probably have much better espresso for a start. However you’re spending more and more time there both because you love your work and your boss seems to think that working a 40 hour week is de rigeur both from home and in the office workplace.

So if you are going to be spending ALL that time there then it must surely be a great idea to spruce it up a little bit?

Here are six ideas you might find useful.

  • Old, but non-vintage, chairs

The great thing now is that even those previously ghastly 1950’s chairs are uber fashion statements. (Yes I Iike them now too!). So pop down to your local charity shop and see if there is ANYTHING there from the pre-IKEA era. something that was made ‘vaguely-properly’ without requiring an allen key.

Actually DON’T go to your local charity shop as that will be expensive. Find one of those areas that other people call dodgy and go to a charity shop there; MUCH CHEAPER. You know you’ve finally made it when you think the charity shops in your area are overpriced!

SLIGHTLY distress (ie rub) any exposed wood sandpaper and wire-wool dipped in beeswax. Replace any fabrics with another piece of the same size – most likely you will only need a heavy duty staple gun. Simple!

If you’re at all unsure follow the link here for some expert advice. The simplicity of the change will amaze you and you’ll have a piece of personalised furniture to while away your creative hours in front of a MAC.

  1. Filing cabinets & Lights

Dull grey metallic filing cabinets are just that…dull and grey. A trip to your local Halfords or John Lewis should be made wearing a baseball cap and paint-covered clothes. The look on the cashier’s face as you stock up on spray paint will be a priceless story at a dinner party when you will be free to exaggerate your ‘day spraying with Banksy’. Get something a bit more colourful than grey but go easy on the vibrancy. I’m probably a bit boring in my choice of TEAL combined with a judicious use of stencils.

For similar interior design ideas there are many online resource available.

If you are lucky enough to have metal anglepoise-type lights then those spray cans will come in handy again. You should be worried if your teenagers start to show an unhealthy interest in what you are doing fro the first time in 5 years. Don’t be flattered. It is the paint they are interested in NOT YOU.

If you’re not lucky enough to have metal lights then you would be surprised about how easy it is to cover a lampshade with some spare linen (be very aware of fire risks and use low wattage LED bulbs).

  1. The desk

Painting your work desk is NOT generally a good idea as it will probably come off unless you chemically cleanse it of all traces of grease and paint. you would then use a very ‘strong’ paint like FLOOR PAINT. You can throw away the cans now.

Faux leather is a great way to cover an office desk and all you need is a good pair of scissors and the aforesaid staple gun. A cushioned faux leather is even better.

If your desk is wooden then you could sand it and, again, use beeswax or varnish to seal it. Please note that a newish desk will likely be only veneered so you can very quickly sand away ALL the wood if you are not very careful.



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