Top Interior Design of 2015

Interior design sees a constant shifting in trends for decorating the home. Decade by decade, we’ve seen the nation’s taste go through many changes, from the bright and colourful to the sleek and minimalist. While we’ve all got our preferences, we are hugely influenced by what’s popular and this is no different when it comes to interior design.

What are the latest trends taking the interior design world by storm? Let’s take a look at what’s hot and how you can transform your home into a modern, trendy space that suits your personality down to the ground.


According to the latest style trends from Elle, florals are on their way to make a huge comeback in the interior design world. Given the preference for smooth surfaces and chrome we’ve seen in recent years, this is a little surprising but certainly welcome.

Using floral wallpapers, curtains, sheets and so on makes a strong visual statement that adds a touch of class to the room. Paired with furniture made from rich woods like mahogany, it evokes a classical feeling, like you’ve stepped back into Regency times. This is definitely for people that appreciate the old-fashioned and more traditional style of interior design, though it’s certainly well suited for people looking to make a bold statement about themselves.


One of the latest trends is that of eco-design; in other words, environmentally conscious interior design. It’s a huge thing right now, which isn’t surprising. We’ve been moving towards eco-friendly living for a long time, so it makes sense that it would eventually make its way into how we decorate our homes. The aim is to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint: what’s not to like?

Eco-design has a strong focus on quality and filling rooms with warmth and sustainable fixtures, offering you a way to reinvigorate your home whilst saving money in the long-term. Using fixtures such as the range of eco-heaters from VeriSmart Heating, for example, have an appealing design and allow you to control the heating in your house efficiently. Eco-design is becoming more and more popular for two reasons: the first is that this is the way the tide is turning, and the second is that the quality is constantly improving. It’s now a very desirable option for many looking to redecorate their home; it certainly offers more benefits!

Old Meets New

There’s been a meeting of the new and the traditional in modern interior design trends according to Lush Home, combining the best features of both for a fine balance between classic comforts and futuristic, minimalist design. This combination of ideas gives people more of an opportunity to explore their creative side and create a home that’s personal to them.

Interior design is all about making the home yours, and this trend gives you the chance to make use of prints, colours and furniture that you wouldn’t have necessarily put together before. Results can range from cool and modern to unique and quirky; it’s up to you!

What other trends have you noticed in interior design this year, and are they going to carry into 2016?

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