5 Tips for Designing Your Home Office

If you have decided to convert a room in your home to create an office, it’s important that you plan this room well to accommodate your working needs. Choosing the correct furniture and the best type of storage space is important. You will also want the room to be comfortable as you may be spending long periods in this space and a colour scheme that aids calm and stree-free work would be ideal…


  1. Lighting


Choosing the correct lighting for your office is probably one of the most important things to get right. If you are going to be sitting at a desk most of the time a good quality table lamp – such as those featured here on Homebase – will help to protect your eyes from straining. Get as much natural light as possible – without staring directly into the sun – and use lamps and lights to illuminate your desk once the sun goes down.


  1. Colour schemes


An article in the Guardian says that working from home can be difficult due to distractions from family members or the TV. It states: “However, if you have set up a home-based business you have little choice but to make the best of your home office, customise your living space”.


This could mean painting your office in totally different colours than the rest of your home, therefore setting the tone that this is somewhere where the serious business of work is carried out. When choosing the colours for an office you will want something neutral and not distracting. Gentle shades with a brilliant white ceiling should do the trick for a calm but functional living space.


  1. Storage space


The online magazine Creative Digest explains how every office should be clear from clutter and as tidy as possible. This is not always an easy task, but it is important. If it is possible then keeping all of your important documents on a computer, rather than printed out and put in a filing cabinet, will save you space and reduce your carbon footprint. For those items you simpy have to have in hard copies, there is a wide range of home storage solutions on the market and these can vary from click together plastic boxes to cardboard folders which can be stored on shelves. Get items that pack in the maximum amount of items into the smallest possible space so that your office doesn’t become cramped.


  1. Choosing the right furniture


When you’re setting up a home office it is important that you choose the correct furniture for your needs. If you’re going to be using a computer most of the time then having a comfortable chair and desk is the first thing you should look at. If you draw out a plan of the room, with the dimensions, you will be able to decide where items of furniture will fit. You don’t want to block radiators or electrical sockets. Making the most of your office space will allow you to have more room to relax in while working. You could install an easy chair too, as you will need to take breaks if you’re using the computer all day.


  1. Blinds or curtains


Once you have planned your office and are ready to work you’ll also need to decide what you’re going to do about the windows. Most big businesses just have blinds or clear glass with no covering at all, but when you’re working from home you’ll want to stop any distractions. If you have built your office on the ground floor then people passing by could irritate you, so having blinds might be the best answer. This is all a matter of personal taste but it’s important to remember that you’ll have to be able to focus once you enter your office in order to carry out your work. Blinds allow you to shut out as much of the outside world as you wish.


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