Be clever with your colours

bedroom-389259_640[1] Summer is fast approaching and the longer days offer the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your bedroom. It should be your own private haven; a place where you can relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life. Even the slightest adjustment, from re-arranging the furniture or a quick lick of paint, to finding that perfect staple item of furniture can transform a room without needing to break the bank.

Be clever with your colours Don’t ask me to explain how it works but the colours have funny effects on us and it is worth thinking about how you want your room to feel. There are plenty of tricks to use when decorating your home, such as using a white or pale colour can make a room feel bigger, or yellow tones to add a cosy feel.

Think before you buy The furniture you have in your bedroom, whether it’s your wardrobe, bedside cabinet or bed, should be chosen to fit with your lifestyle as well as your taste. Thinking carefully about the best item of furniture for you means taking into consideration sizing, colours, and material. It’s worth taking the time to mull the purchase over to ensure it is perfect for you.

Find the mattress that is “just right!” Goldilocks had the right idea when it comes to choosing furniture; don’t settle for the first item you find, look for the one that is the perfect fit. There is no item of furniture more important to be perfect for you than your mattress. A good mattress will keep you cool and give you great lumbar support to ensure you get a perfect night’s sleep.

Leave the tech at the door It can be tempting to add a television to your bedroom to allow you to watch your favourite programmes from the comfort of your bed. However, research has proven that having a television in your room can affect your sleeping patterns which can impede on your health. Another perk of going TV-less in your bedroom is that there are more space and pennies in the budget for accessories and furniture you love.

Add some personal touches It’s important to make your bedroom feel like it’s yours. Having a bedroom which is identical to one in an interior design magazine looks nice, but your bedroom should feel like it’s yours. This can be simple and inexpensive to achieve: personal photographs in a nice frame or family ornaments can help your room feel comfortable, cosy, and yours.

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