Public Winter gardens

Winter Gardens are the perfect location to get some sun without suffering from the cold weather. Warm, sunny, usually hosting some exotic plants, winter gardens replace our summer parks for lunch breaks or simply to relax with a good book to read.


The first Winter Gardens were built in the 17th in Europe in order to grow tropical plants. They were used also as a living space and were built attached to the main building. In the 19th the Winter Garden become a public place thanks to England that built its first in Regent’s Park used for social gathering, events and flowers shows.


WinterGarden_HelsinkiMain Staircase of the Helsinki’s winter garden decorated with bamboos


In Finland, the Helsinki Winter Garden was founded in 1893 for the pleasure of the residents. No matter if it is winter or summer, the place is always opened to the public to discover the exotic plants, the fish in the pools, the beautiful Rose Garden in front of the main entrance.




Inaugurated in 2003 by the Queen Elizabeth II herself, the Sheffield winter garden is one the biggest glasshouses built in the UK. It hosts more than 2,000 plants form all around the world. The building is long 70 meters and 22 meters high and has won multi award for the great-accomplished engineers and designers. The place is also hosting an art gallery and a coffee shop.


WinterGarden_NY2Winter Garden Atrium


Along the Hudson River, between the Financial Center Plaza and the Yacht Harbor, the Winter Garden Atrium of New York was completed in 1988. A pedestrian bridge was connecting the winter garden to the World trade Center. Damaged after 9/11 the Atrium reopened in 2002 after a year of reconstruction. Usually hosting exhibition, concerts, ballet and other performances, the winter garden is 10 floors high and offers a beautiful view on the Ground Zero.


Acquario_4copieWinter Garden of the Aquarium of Milan


To conclude, originally built to host exotic plants, winter gardens became then the place of social meetings, events and exhibitions where it is possible to enjoy nature, architecture and entertainment.

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