Interior Design Buzz Words – Trends and Which Bug You?

English: Selection of Danish Modern chairs at ...
English: Selection of Danish Modern chairs at the Danish Design Center, Copenhagen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Modern vs Contemporary: Contemporary is usually something that is modern or recent looking yet which takes something ‘good’ from the past such as, for example, GOOD traditional materials. Modern may sometimes (and probably incorrectly) infer a degree of futuristic design.

Vintage vs Retro vs Reproduction: Something vintage is from its original period. Retro is something that has been recently made in the style of an older piece or period. Reproduction is a copy of an item some time after its original period has finished. A fake is a reproduction that is specifically designed to be passed off as an original.

Selective indulgence: You probably haven’t got the budget to have a fully indulgent design. So instead you choose to be indulgent on certain concept or focus pieces that make a statement.

Organic – This can mean ‘eco’ in modern parlance. But you should also be aware that others use it to mean natural in a very broad sense – for example to how your entire scheme works together and fits to the space.

Energy: This is more about emotions and feelings than the vividness of colours or eye-catchingness of objects.

Re-purpose – this means more than just to re-use something. Yes you re-use it but you re-use it for a different purpose.

Diversified Portfolio: You have more than just taupe in the photos of your past work 😉 Your portfolio will show different types of projects, say, a classic villa and a contemporary restaurant

Collaborative spaces – allow spaces for group work but also allow such spaces to be able to be used and re-used for different functions or groups.

What do you think?or what is your bug bear?

3 Replies to “Interior Design Buzz Words – Trends and Which Bug You?”

  1. modern vs contemporary: I would say that modern is something that is in a way innovative and in line with the latest trends while contemporary is anything from a current design period (I would assume it’s similar to the world of art and literature which assumes contemporary works to be by artists currently alive).

    When it comes to eco vs organic I think eco has more to do with a purpose of something and organic is more about the origin of something but that’s just my take on things.

    The rest I pretty much all agree with 🙂

    1. I learned in school that Modern was a period roughly 1929-1950’s . Things that are “futuristic” often can be considered a “trend” therefore contemorary. Organic implies forms that occur in nature or naturally, while “green”, is eco friendly.

      Of course we also learned a light bulb wasn’t actually a bulb but, a lamp. And a lamp was a fixture or pendant etc. So the tecnicalities can frustrate any customer/client, but when talking to the trade, I think it’s important to be on the same page.

      What sends me to the padded room is the word “couch”. ugh!

      1. I think you’re confusing modern with modernism which is in fact a period around 20s-50s. Historically modern period consists of anything that happened after the middle ages but i think it’s not the historical perspective that we should be discussing here.

        I think my biggest thing is the difference between orangery, conservatory and a garden room debate.

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