We Like: Valentines Day Flowers from Marks & Spencer

There are plenty of different inventive ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with somebody you love. In fact, this is an ideal time of the year to access your creative side and really come up with something unique to surprise your partner with – it can show how much you care, and help to represent your love. So, this year, instead of addressing the holiday with the same old cliché gifts and symbols and hallmark cards, try to go a little bit further. Here are a few tips on how you can design the perfect Valentine’s Day evening right at home, without even going out for a date!

To begin with, flowers are an essential part of any Valentine’s Day celebration, and can be just as useful in a unique home Valentine’s Day as in a traditional night out. In fact, your loved one probably expects flowers, so you almost don’t have a choice! Head out to Marks & Spencer and browse the various floral arrangements and rose selections available, and bring home (or have delivered) enough to decorate your home in an impressive way. This is something with which it’s a good idea to maybe go a bit over the top – an impressive display of flowers can make a nice, charming statement, and can help to set an atmosphere at home.

Once you have your flowers set up, and perhaps a few candles and a nicely set table, you can go about preparing the rest of your home date. If possible, try to decorate the rest of the room in a similar, appropriate way, in order to further set a romantic mood. Then, most importantly, you can start to go about preparing a nice meal to enjoy with the person you love. Going to the trouble to cook a nice, special home meal can show even more care and devotion than taking him or her to a nice night out, so this is a great thing to consider, especially if you’re looking to do something a bit different this year.

Obviously, there are plenty more details that will need to go into your home Valentine’s Day celebration. Whether you want to go a bit further with decorating your home, or have gifts prepared for your loved one, or whatever else, you will likely have a good deal of preparation on your hands. However, in general a nicely organized Valentine’s Day date at home can be quite the romantic event, and may do well to add a bit of uniqueness to a holiday that has become very commercialized.