Interior Designers & SEO (Whatever That Is)

Not another one! If, like you, I get another email from some far off land asking me if I want my web site redesigned or SEOd I will go crazy. What do these people know about my business? I’m a designer and my business is different! They are just techy nerds (maybe techie wierdos let’s not get personal).

Well let’s clear a few things up.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimzation. Great, but so what?

Well what that means is that if you do SEO properly your website will probably appear a bit higher in Google’s search results. Probably. And that is a good thing, right? Right!

Although having said that ‘it is a good thing’, it depends on how you do business. If your website is not a lead generator (which it is not for many interior designers) then yes it is still a good thing but maybe not THAT good that it merits time, effort and money being invested into it.

However, let’s for a moment assume that you care that when a potential customer types in something like “find interior designer London”. A not unreasonable assumption and also something that IS TYPED into Google quite a bit (I know, I checked, honest!).

So you do want your web site listed right up there with the great and the good? And as you are still reading I assume your website is not one of those listed on the frist page.

Basically ‘all’ you have to do is

1. Figure out every set of key words and phrases that a potential client will use and repeat them a few times in your site.

2. Get a high google pagerank (a technical thing that you don’t really have to worry about).


But even when you have done that and people come to your web site what will they do when they are there? Will they read how great you are? Read about your services? Read about YOUR business history/profile. Maybe. But really people are not that interested in you or even your business really. What they ARE interested in is what YOUR BUSINESS can do for them and can you be TRUSTED to do it properly.

So really now we have got sidetracked and gone off on several tangents. However we are brought back to the SIMPLE SOLUTION.

Just create a web site with compelling content that is frequently updated. THAT IS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO. IF YOU DO THAT THEN ALL THE SEO STUFF AND PAGERANK TAKES CARE OF ITSELF and people who get to your site stay there and have a poke around.

Once again, it’s not rocket science.  A word of warning though, a SEO consultant will make it expensive rocket science. So don’t bother with them. just add some pretty and interesting stuff to your site.

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  1. Thankyou so much for your commom sense post. Its OK getting people to your website but as far as I am concerned they have to contact me and give me some business. That is my responsibility and I need to be constantly advertising and networking myself. Not paying somebody for so many clicks per day.

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