Cashmere Throws ( Throws )

Cashmere Throws are set to arrive in KOTHEA’s expanding fabric collection in September. As an aid for Interior Desingers we are creating a series of Designers’ Worksheets covering a variety of fabric related issues. They are all downloadable in pdf format.

The latest addition covers the esteemed Cashmere Throw.  A design staple. The Worksheet covers many of the aspects of throws in general and bed covers, etc. and it also highlights some specific issues relevent to our Cashmere Throws. Hopefully also some light can be shed on some of the confusion in the marketplace concerning the much inferior Cashmere Scarf…great for a scarf but many manufacturers and stockists of these more flimsy items seem to be selling them for decorating the house rather than the person – the latter of which they are far more suited.

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