Adding the personal touch to your living room: DIY rug making

Making your home your own is the first thing we think about when we move into a new place or when re-decorating. If you are a creative and crafty person then giving your living room the personal touch with its very own homemade rug is a cool option. You can make rugs out of all sorts of materials. Homecraft Craft Supplies is a great place to start for tools, materials and rug wool.

Pom-Pom Rugs – Making pom-poms was probably one of the first things you made at school that actually looked good. But did you know you can make an entire rug out of pom-poms? To make your own funky design, you’ll need a piece of cardboard cut into two doughnut shapes of the same size, wool and scissors. The size of pom-poms you make depends on how fluffy you’d like your rug.

Place the rings together and begin winding the wool around the rings until they are nearly full of wool. Next, cut the wool around the edges. Pass a length of wool between the two pieces of cardboard, around all the strands of wool, and tie it firmly together. Now, you can remove the cardboard rings completely and you will have your finished pom-pom. You’ll need to repeat this lots of times to make enough for a whole rug. You can make your rug one colour – use a range of similar colours or try multi-colours to really give it an individual look.

Patchwork rugs – Making a patchwork rug will ensure you achieve a unique look in your living space. To make this type of rug select a range of different fabrics and lay them out to the length that you want for your new rug. Now that the fabric has been selected and laid out to your desired size and shape you will need to pin all the pieces together. If you’re a dab hand with a sewing machine use this to stitch along all the joins and make it a complete rug. On the underside you can add a block colour or if you have a slippery floor such as wood or tiles attach a non-slip pad to the underneath of the rug.

Stenciled rugs – First, invest in some reasonably priced plain solid coloured rugs. (Have a look at You’ll also need some paint (acrylic craft paint is good) and some card. Make a stencil using the card of letters or pictures that you want to put on your rug and then paint away. Let your paint dry and you’ll have a simple but effective rug.

T-shirt/rag rugs – If you are looking to have a big clear out of your wardrobes and want to use up all of those old T-shirts or unwanted clothes then try making a rag rug. Start with cutting the T-shirts or your old clothes into two or three inch strips, then you can either sew, braid or knit them together to make a very unique rug. Connect the strips by placing them together at right angles and then sewing them together across the resulting square before braiding them into the shape of rug you want. Have a look at this great post on for more tips.

Get creative and enjoy making your own unique rug.

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