Designer Profile: David Grout – Design Principal with Gary Lee Partners (via TOMBOY)

Designer Profile. What’s your profile? Where is your profile? Is it on your blog? David’s is.

David Grout – one of my dearest friends and mentors: Winner of the Best of NeoCon Gold Award in the casegoods category, Proximus seeks to revolutionize casegoods “to support modern workstyles.” Designed by David Grout and Donna Corbat for Gary Lee Studios, the Proximus series for Halconbegins with a “veneered architectural ‘wall’ that forms the framework for all other components.” The idea behind Proximus is for any user or combination of users t … Read More


Becoming an interior designer (via )

Interior Design Talks or Interior Design Schools? you have to start somewhere.

Becoming an interior designer What do you want to know about interior design? Whether you are thinking of a career in interior design or want to know more about the subject for your own interest, we have an interior design talk for you. We are interior designers ourselves and our aim is to give you an insight into a profession that we love. This year we are running three different types of interior design courses on Saturdays and our aim is to give you lots of invaluable insi … Read More


Trends 2011 – Part 4 (via Fusiondesigned’s Blog)

Colour TRENDS. Or is it colours that someone likes? What is a trend?

Trends 2011 - Part 4 Each year Sherwin Williams issues their “COLORMIX” in response to the CMG (Color Marketing Group) forecasts. They identify the direction of color and design trends, which are translated into fabrics, patterns and paint colors.  This year they have come up with four categories – Restless Nomad, Gentle Medley, Purely Refined, and Bold Invention!   Which one is your favorite?? Behold Bold Invention!! BOLD INVENTION – Experimental | Artsy | Expressiv … Read More

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Wallpaper & Martha Stewart’s Interior Designer (via Wallpaperlady’s Blog)

the hallway or entryway. Not used much but often seen?!

Readers of Martha Stewart's Living magazine have been watching Kevin Sharkey, one of their design editors, as he shows us, month-by-month, how he is fixing up his new apartment. In the current issue, he focuses on the entryway – "Entrance Strategy." Kevin says the entrance is like the HOV lane in your house, because people funnel into and through it quickly, without spending much time there. So, he says, "If you love, love, love color, but don't … Read More

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Featured On Hand Made Design/Faberuna’s Site (via S Interior Design Blog)

Should Interior Designers use their blogs to be self-promoting or informational? Discuss!

We try not to use our blog to be self-promoting, but sometimes you just gotta break the rules . This week S Interior Design was honored by being featured on Hand Made Design/Faberuna's web site.  Please take a look ! The site is unique and definitely worth checking out.  Have fun!   … Read More

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And the winner is… (via )

And which interior designer was the winner?

And the winner is... A few weeks ago we had posted about the BC's Best Young Designer Competition, see the original post here. This unique competition provided a platform for BC's young designer to showcase their talents. Six finalists were chosen by a panel of judges based upon their video entries, given a budget of $10,000-$12,000 for their one or two bedroom suite at South Surrey's ARC at Morgan Crossing and five weeks to work their magic. The suites were then ope … Read More


Young Interior Designer sets business flying (via The Design Hub)

It’s always good to keep in touch with up and coming designers.

Young Interior Designer sets business flying Emma Shaw graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2001 with a degree in Industrial Management. Even though she had a keen interest in soft furnishings from a young age, she didn't expect to follow this path because of her chosen educational route. But when Emma bought her first house, she decided to make all her own furnishings and this reignited the interior design bug she'd always had. Wanting to develop her skills and flex her creative f … Read More

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How to Get The Most Out Of An Interior Designer (via Women’s Business Connection Blog)

Interesting for an Interior Designer to appreciate how some informed clients might approach a working relationship with you.

–Susan Marocco Interior Designer's can bring their expertise in drafting floor plans, purchasing of furniture that is the correct scale for the room, recommend fabric choices for upholstery, drapery, and pillows to create a pulled together cohesive look. As well as help you with the mired of decisions involved with kitchen and bath renovations. It is the attention to details that makes for a beautiful setting, transforming your house into a home … Read More

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Producing the Winning Tender? (via Spatial Designers Blog)

It’s quite hard to know the true COST of your own service including overheads. It’s even harder to estimate the true VALUE of your service to a buyer. Here’s a nice article looking at some of the issues with a practical hat on.

Producing the Winning Tender? As a sole trader or small company, you may, like me have had to prepare your own quotations, tenders or estimates whilst trying to second guess the competitors. I have recently discovered that abandoning the idea of the 'second-guess' tactic is a much easier process.  Knowing what percentages architects or fellow designers are working to is too consuming. How do you value your service? As a professional Interior Designer, I know the worth of the … Read More

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Interior Designers & SEO (Whatever That Is)

Not another one! If, like you, I get another email from some far off land asking me if I want my web site redesigned or SEOd I will go crazy. What do these people know about my business? I’m a designer and my business is different! They are just techy nerds (maybe techie wierdos let’s not get personal).

Well let’s clear a few things up.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimzation. Great, but so what?

Well what that means is that if you do SEO properly your website will probably appear a bit higher in Google’s search results. Probably. And that is a good thing, right? Right!

Although having said that ‘it is a good thing’, it depends on how you do business. If your website is not a lead generator (which it is not for many interior designers) then yes it is still a good thing but maybe not THAT good that it merits time, effort and money being invested into it.

However, let’s for a moment assume that you care that when a potential customer types in something like “find interior designer London”. A not unreasonable assumption and also something that IS TYPED into Google quite a bit (I know, I checked, honest!).

So you do want your web site listed right up there with the great and the good? And as you are still reading I assume your website is not one of those listed on the frist page.

Basically ‘all’ you have to do is

1. Figure out every set of key words and phrases that a potential client will use and repeat them a few times in your site.

2. Get a high google pagerank (a technical thing that you don’t really have to worry about).


But even when you have done that and people come to your web site what will they do when they are there? Will they read how great you are? Read about your services? Read about YOUR business history/profile. Maybe. But really people are not that interested in you or even your business really. What they ARE interested in is what YOUR BUSINESS can do for them and can you be TRUSTED to do it properly.

So really now we have got sidetracked and gone off on several tangents. However we are brought back to the SIMPLE SOLUTION.

Just create a web site with compelling content that is frequently updated. THAT IS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO. IF YOU DO THAT THEN ALL THE SEO STUFF AND PAGERANK TAKES CARE OF ITSELF and people who get to your site stay there and have a poke around.

Once again, it’s not rocket science.  A word of warning though, a SEO consultant will make it expensive rocket science. So don’t bother with them. just add some pretty and interesting stuff to your site.