A Great Interior Designer’s Profile Would …

What Makes A Great Interior Designer Profile?

I would argue that an image is the basis of a great profile for an interior designer.

Something to WOW me and to attract me all within a second. Something that tells me more about you than perhaps words could do succinctly.

Then you’ve hooked me I might read on a bit further.

Then you would need to tell your client what kind of projects and people you work with and perhaps also how you engage and work. You might NOT even need a killer headline “Best Interior Designer In London” or you might.

What do you think?

But of course you already have done such a profile on your web site 😉

We are happy to host (no strings or ropes attached) a brief profile of your INTERIOR DESIGN or ARCHITECTURE business on this blog (https://www.kothea.com) with a link back to your site. Nada. Nothing Rien. No cost. Your benefit is free advertising to subscribers to and readers of this blog and a reputable backlink to boost your site’s visibility even further.

What do we get out of it? One day you’ll buy some fabrics or cashmere throws from us. Maybe. Perhaps. Hopefully 🙂

To be clear: This is for interior designers and architects and NOT their suppliers.

A Modern Approach towards Minimalistic Interior Design and Architecture

2The use of latest technology has not only speeded up the construction and interior designing tasks but has also boosted the minimalist approach of a modern architect and interior designer in Pakistan.

Now, the complex and lager construction and interior designing projects even do not take too long to be completed because the latest equipment, modern methods and techniques save a lot of time.

Do the modern constructional and interior designing needs and trends have similarity with the past tendencies? Although, basics remain the same but the use of latest knowledge and involvement of technology in every domain have introduced new trends and techniques. When it comes to describing the interior design and construction, the concepts about several basic things have been changed to a greater extent. Let us learn about the latest approach towards minimalistic interior designing and architecture.

Using Symmetrical, Sleek and Simple Designs

As far as structural and constructional aspects of a building are concerned, the modern construction companies across Pakistan such as Amer Adnan Associates ® prefer designing symmetrical, sleek and simple structure because these signify the modern architecture. The modern architecture in Pakistan is different from that of Mughals’ era, where the artwork (carvings, curves, domes and complex patterns) were considered more appealing.

In this modern era, the buildings with more of sleek look both from inside and outside, are considered trendy. The modern architecture focuses more on the angular shapes while using geometry. Additionally, the use of 3D technology has also revolutionized Pakistan’s construction sector because it allows architects to get the exact tangible models of modern houses, using which, the architects can make their work much easier and faster than ever.

Checking the Colors’ Effect on Moods

When you think of your house the first thought that comes in your mind is a relaxing, peaceful and comfortable place but only if the interior is designed while keeping all the technical factors in view. Do you know the colors do affect your moods? The best way of making a house interior colorful is by painting it with different color paints but this is never a random choice. The modern interior designers choose a particular color after exploring its effects on the overall house interior and on the moods of the inhabitants. Every part of a house perhaps has its own requirement when it comes to choosing paint colors; you need to consider its usage, exposure to natural light and the climatic conditions of particular locations where the house is situated.

Maintaining a Livelier Interior with Proper Lighting

Do you know the proper lighting is essential to transform a lifeless ambiance of a house into a livelier feel? Light signifies life, so when it comes to construction, architects do consider whether or not, the particular design is promoting the entrance of natural light inside. Like colors, it also has a direct impact on the moods of people; a dull, dark and quiet feel may cause you depression. Light makes your mood lighter and happier; therefore, the modern day construction companies not only promote the entrance of natural light in a house but also use the artificial lighting fixtures, while keeping the technical factors in view. This is the reason why there is a visible shift from smaller congested windows to larger door-size windows in almost every part of a house.

Going Green

The trend of green construction is also getting popularity in Pakistan because it allows the architecture and interior designing companies in Pakistan to design environment friendly houses, where dwellers can enjoy more of a healthy and pleasing life with a well-maintained balance between a house interior and that of the outside environment.

Whether it is about mapping, construction or interior designing of a house, a minimalistic approach allows a professional to come up with creative ideas.

Author Bio:

Nabeel Abbas is an experienced author, having more than 9 years of experience under his belt, is currently contributing as a senior author for Amer Adnan Associates. He is working as a modern interior designer in Pakistan for several years. For more see ameradnan.com.

Tips for Staying Safe in the Workplace


When you are at home, the chances are you keep your environment as safe as possible, particularly if you have small children. Most of us childproof our homes, blocking up plug sockets, attaching stair gates and making sure there are no trailing flexes or overhanging pan handles on the cooker. Even if you don’t have kids, you would make sure your stairs are clear, for example, or ensure that there are no hazards lying about.

But somehow when we go to work, many of us assume that our employer will keep us safe, so we forget that we need to look after ourselves too. Of course, your employer has responsibilities and they will have a duty of care to keep your working environment safe. But they can’t legislate for absolutely every eventuality, so you need to take some responsibility for your own safety while you’re at work.

Your employer should have already made you aware of any potential hazards in the workplace. Depending on where you work, these will vary in number. Obviously, if you are operating machinery or working in construction you will be facing more risks than someone who works in an office. But your employer will take this into account and will usually offer training sessions to familiarise you with health and safety policies and procedures. It’s really important that you not only attend these but you pay full attention they’re designed for your safety, after all.

If you see any likely hazards around the workplace which your boss hasn’t noticed or which haven’t been drawn to anyone’s attention, then you need to report it as quickly as possible. Don’t just think someone else will do it by raising people’s awareness you could be preventing a nasty accident. In the same way, if you are working with machinery and you aren’t sure if you are operating it properly, then always ask for extra training. Any boss would rather do this than risk you hurting yourself through misuse.

Depending on your line of work, you might need to wear special safety gear at times. While your employer will provide this equipment for you, it’s up to you to make sure you’re wearing it at the appropriate times. If you need to wear safety goggles, wear them. If you need to wear safety shoes, put them on. It doesn’t matter what you look like protecting yourself is paramount.

You also need to take responsibility for your physical and mental condition during your working day, especially if you are working with dangerous substances or operating heavy machinery. If you don’t feel physically able to work, then you need to inform your boss as soon as possible. A pulled muscle, for example, may stop you from correctly working the machinery, which could in turn lead to an accident involving you or your colleagues.

However careful you are, though, sometimes accidents occur which are not your responsibility. If you have had an accident at work, it might be a good idea to contact a personal injury lawyer to see if you can get compensation.

James Johnson is a health and safety expert who specialises in supporting people who have had an accident at work. He also writes and blogs about how to prevent injuries in the workplace with The Workplace Depot.

LED lighting and the Great Outdoors

With the Christmas season nearly upon us, die-hard lighting enthusiasts will once again be rummaging around in the attic, looking for last year’s outdoor lights, cursing the fact they didn’t spend time putting them away properly.

And so, the LED rope lights make their appearance once again in their festive outings across the UK and beyond. Are you thinking you would like to do the same? Take a look and this quick pros and cons guide to LED rope lights, as well as some hints and tips as what to look out for…

The Pros

Simplicity itself – having a string of outdoor ready LED light, encased in weather proof plastic and ready to bend and shape into writing or coils, as well as many other patterns and applications must surely be the first fabulous advantage. Simple design with amazing flexibility.

Professional looking luminations – using the right mounting clips and tacks will mean that you get a really professional looking display, without too much hassle or panic (and neither will you need a degree in art and design).

Longevity – on one, buying rope LED lights are an investment as they are still a little more expensive that ‘ordinary’ rope lights BUT they will outlive and outlast their traditional counters parts by some years.

One bulb goes out… the others stay on. The days of spending hours, fiddling with the bulbs finding which one has ‘gone’ is an activity from the 1980s – and that’s where it will stay. Most LED rope lights have a fuse bulb, so you won’t have the whole string in the dark if one does fail (in all honesty, the likelihood of this happening is fairly low)

Versatile – LED rope lights can be used in so many places from commercial settings likes bars and nightclubs, through to providing brilliant lighting interest in the kitchen (hide your LED rope lights along the top of your kitchen cupboards and marvel at the effect). One favourite is to wrap the LED rope light around a tree trunk, adding a tropical look to any garden.

With so many applications and uses, it seems difficult to believe that there are some cons to rope lights BUT there are! There are cheaper rope lights out there, all purporting to give the same effect but beware…

i.                 The first is that many people fail to invest in LED rope lights as they find the cost prohibitive, therefore opt for cheaper alternatives. The main issue here is not only the amount of heat wasted but also the fact they use far more electricity than LED rope lights. Lighting up the outside of your home for Christmas, shouldn’t mean burning a hole in your bank account.

ii.                The quality of the product can also be slightly suspect by purchasing cheaper, traditional rope lights. Cheaper versions tend to be clear bulbs in coloured tubes and whilst his may give a ‘good enough’ effect, it will not be as good, brilliant luminous as LED rope lights.

iii.               They may contain fewer bulbs too. Some LED rope lights will boast 36 LED bulbs per metre of ‘rope’, whilst cheaper versions will have as little as 24 per metre. Considering that LED bulbs give off a far better luminosity, again you may be slightly disappointed with the overall effect of the cheaper versions of rope lights.

Are you looking to create a brilliant lamination this Christmas? Ditch the fairy lights and take a look at versatile LED rope lights!

56,549 Interior Designer Visitors This Year

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We’d like to share a little free love with Interior Designers.

We’ve already had over 56,000 Interior Design visitors this year and if you, as an interior designer, would like to talk about your services or your website/blog then we will gladly display something you want to write about. No interior design subject is off-limits although please bear in mind we have our own fabric collections so ideally you won’t go overboard with competitors’ products…our love is free and almost boundless but limited nevertheless!!

Ideally you will use a striking image for the best impact and you can link back to specific projects or content on your own site. (We won’t charge you anything…love is free).

Your thoughts will be shown here: https://www.kothea.com/category/re-blogs/thoughtful-musing-from-interior-designers/

Verity and the team


|* 99 *| Top Interior Design Websites & Blogs for 2014, Leading Interior Designers London > UK> Europe > World

Expo Design MAP à Saint-Étienne

We’ve scoured the net to find and list the sites we know and love. Some you already know, some you will love once you see them for the first time. Either way enjoy the depth and variety of the information on our industry and don’t forget to see which ones are voted as the ‘best’ at the end of this article – you can vote for your favourite too.

These are all sites that might be useful for interior designers rather than ones created by interior designers (or their suppliers) to promote their business. Maybe they provide a nice showcase or perhaps just a tad of inspiration in a seemingly never-ending sea of banality. Enjoy!

In no particular order then:

  1. Houzz.com – probably one of the best resources.
  2. pinterest.com – yep, you know that one too
  3. saniapell.com/athomeblog – At Home !! Best Image Curation !!
  4. Dezeen – Architecture, Interiors, Design
  5. Design Spotter
  6. The Business Bible For Interior Designers
  7. worldinteriordesignnetwork.com
  8. wallpaper.com
  9. decofinder.co.uk
  10. archpaper.com
  11. thehousedirectory.com
  12. designboom.com
  13. echochamber.com Retail matters
  14. thecoolhunter.co.uk Roaming the UK and the globe so you’re in the know
  15. roomreveal.com – Like Houzz
  16. design-milk.com
  17. Remodelista – Sourcebook for considered living
  18. http://www.architecturaldigest.com/
  19. architonic.com
  20. homeshoppingspy.com – Irresistible home buys you will love
  21. emmas.blogg.se – Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective
  22. The Fabric Blog
  23. thebeatthatmyheartskipped.co.uk – Dedicated to daily design inspiration   !! BEST NAME !!
  24. icreatived.com – Interesting Creative Designs. Find a different world in site..
  25. Apartment Therapy
  26. paper.li/JaffeDesign/1323302539
  27. My friend’s house
  28. Pachadesign
  29. Moon to Moon – Sharing the best in eclectic Interior design from across the web
  30. The Selby – is in your place
  31. Design Sponge
  32. Design Squish
  33. The Accessorator – Musings from Judi Roaman
  34. A Library of Design
  35. Slim Paley – Cats, Queens and other things
  36. A Bloomsbury Life – Within Shopping distance of Hollywood and Vine
  37. Design Tripper
  38. Herriott Grace –  A savings account for things I like
  39. Emerson Merrick
  40. Even Cleveland
  41. Past Imperfect
  42. Moco Loco – Design Interiors, Art Architecture
  43. wowhaus.co.uk – Wow property for sale
  44. brightbazaarblog.com – quintessentially colourful
  45. roomenvy.co.uk – Dedicated to finding the latest lust-have schemes
  46. thepeakofchic.blogspot.co.uk – Musing on stylish living
  47. Arianna Interiors – the woman rocking the world of interiors
  48. bibleofbritishtaste.com/category/houses
  49. ikeahackers.net
  50. designshuffle.com/blog
  51. witandwhistle.com/blog – Stylishly quirky paper goods
  52. thishomesweethome.blogspot.co.uk – Interiors DIY inspiration
  53. designismine.blogspot.com – bringing on the inspiration
  54. klausandheidi.wordpress.com
  55. arowantree.blogspot.co.uk
  56. talesfromahappyhouse.blogspot.co.uk
  57. mylittleorangery.com
  58. printpattern.blogspot.co.uk
  59. designspiration.net
  60. ardesiadesign.co.uk/blog
  61. stephmodo.com – Where practical meets pretty
  62. dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.co.uk
  63. decor8blog.com – fresh finds, inspiring interiors and ideas
  64. whatsinyourbedroom.blogspot.co.uk
  65. Fresh Design Blog
  66. The Design Sheppard – Rounding up the very best in interior design today
  67. Isak Blog
  68. InHabitat – design will serve the world (and show you quite a few adverts…)
  69. Web Urbanist – Daily New Articles Featuring Architecture, Art, Design, Travel, & Technology
  70. Swiss Miss
  71. Desire to Inspire
  72. Better Living through Design – Your design guide to home and style
  73. Freshome – Design & Architecture
  74. Trendir – Home decorating trends
  75. the style files
  76. Sub-Studio Design Blog – a compilation of products, furniture, jewelry, architecture and artists that float our boat
  77. Funfurde – Funky.  Furniture.  And. Design.
  78. Contemporist
  79. GrassrootsModern
  80. 2Modern Design Talk
  81. Coochicoos – a design blog for modern parents
  82. Home Design Find
  83. Haute Nature
  84. Hatch: The Design Public Blog – Fresh new design
  85. Gaile Guevara
  86. Breathe Modern
  87. ProjectDecor
  88. Belle Maison 23 – Inspirational finds for creating a beautiful home
  89. archiproducts.com
  90. archello.com/en/products
  91. http://www.stylepark.com/
  92. http://www.materia.nl/
  93. designaddict.com/
  94. iconicdutch.com/uk
  95. carlaaston.com
  96. mydesignsource.com
  97. modenus.com/
  98. Yanko Design – Form beyond function


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Fine Art and Antiques

Some great musings on fine art and antiques in this post from the respected INTERIOR DESIGN CHAT ‘hangout’ – I think Matt for making me use that word for the first time. Great article, anyway.