High quality Egyptian Cotton – Giza 45

Just as Italy is renowned for its high quality Cashmere so is Egypt renowned for its high quality cotton.

The finest cotton tends to be grown in the fertile Nile Delta (Egypt) and then selected based on grade from the bales produced. “45 Cotton” is one of the highest grades available. And Giza is one of the premier growing regions.

So “Giza 45” Cotton refers to 45mm long fibres selected from the Giza area.

Consistent quality is ensured by a quality assurance program run by the Alexandria Cotton Exporters Association.

A similar criteria is found with cashmere and other high quality natural fibres. Generally the longer the length the better feel the resultant fibre has. Typically a ‘normal’ cotton fibre is a few mm shorter at 38mm.

Other factors affect the quality the shine and the feel. For example smoother microscopic scales on the fibre will reflect more light and make the fibre shinier. In the case of Giza 45 cotton the average diameter of the fibres is also thinner than most. This enables a greater TPI (threads per inch) and to a lesser degree a more flexible end fabric.

Further factors are the micronaire. This looks at the chemical structure of the fibre. Thus the distribution of cellulose molecules within the fibre affects wear and softness over time.

More information about the cotton market can be found on one of the main cotton supplier’s websites (look for Emilcotoni and “The Cotton Report”)

Hopefully this infomration has been of use for anyone sourcing high quality cotton.


Interior Designers Learn To Find And Influence Their Audience During Image 360° Telesummit

Los Angeles, CA –If you ask an interior designer who their ideal client is, most will tell you it’s an affluent one.  The trouble is that this kind of broad spectrum marketing isn’t effective when it comes to selling their interior design services.  Warren Buffet, Paris Hilton and Kobe Bryant are all affluent but if you market to them in the same way, you’re not going to reach, influence or serve any of them.

In the second edition of Image 360° Telesummit, a 2-day online event about branding, visibility and business strategy for the interior design industry and hosted by LA idea boutique, MeByDesign.net, interior designers will learn to define, reach, influence and serve an audience that complements their unique brand.

The program features a diverse lineup of brands including global, luxury, interior design leader Vicente Wolf; contract designer Jhane Barnes on leveraging brand partnerships;luxury furniture purveyor Jamie Adler, CEO of Phyllis Morris on becoming collectible; entertainment attorney Ellie Altshuler on the business of licensing; Julia Molloy of Molloy Management on building the infrastructure for a luxury design firm; Lifestyle Editor of Better Homes & Gardens magazine Christina Poletto and Drew, JD and Jonathan Scott of Scott Brothers Entertainment.

The no-cost, educational event for interior designers is produced by Kim Kuhteubl’s Me By Design, a company that serves interior designers, bespoke product makers and on-camera hosts in the lifestyle category.  It’s co-sponsored by Molloy Management, the leading provider of interior design business tools and systems for the interior design business.

Listeners can tune in online or via telephone May 21 & 22, 2014 between 12-3 PT to listen to inspired conversations about branding, visibility and money for interior designers and the brands who want to do business with them.  For a complete schedule, to register or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, visit www.image360.biz or contact the kim@bmebydesign.net.


The Image 360˚ Telesummit is two days of inspired conversation about branding, visibility and money for the design industry, happening May 20th and 21st between 12:00 – 3:00 PT each day.



Day 1

Noon PT/3:00 ET
Opening Remarks Kim Kuhteubl

12:15 PT/3:15 ET
Contract Confidential with Jhane Barnes

Multi award-winning designer Jhane Barnes launched her fashion company in 1976 with a pair of pants and a $5,000 loan from her Biology professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  Find out how she partnered with Knoll and has become one of the leading commercial product designers in the country.


12:45 PT/3:15 ET
Brand Fame with Vicente Wolf

A world-renowned interior designer, Vicente Wolf has been named one of the most influential designers by every leading luxury, design shelter publication in America. In a candid conversation, the designer shares his journey from the beginning to global brand.


1:45 PT/4:45 ET
Ideal Client Laser Coaching with Kim Kuhteubl

If you think your target market of ideal clients are “women”, “baby boomers” or “affluent”,  your marketing isn’t specific enough.  In this laser coaching session, Me By Design’s Kim Kuhteubl helps designers figure out who their ideal clients are, what to say and how to serve in a way that will boost their profits, visibility and brand value.

Day 2

Noon PT/3:00 ET
Building Luxury with Julia Molloy, Molloy Management (www.molloymanagement.com)

Luxury branding specialist Julia Molly of Molloy Management defines the key elements of running a successful interior design business and how understanding your leadership style can help you bring out the best in yourself and your team.


12:35 PT/3:35 ET
Brand Of Brothers with Drew, J.D. & Jonathan Scott

Drew, J.D. and Jonathan Scott, of Scott Brothers Entertainment talk about the Property Brothers, being visible and the business behind the creation of their global entertainment brand.

1:00 PT/4:00 ET
The Business Of Licensing with Ellie Altshuler, Fox Rothschild Attorneys
Product licenses are one of the most important ways interior designers can create passive income, build an audience and extend their brand into the marketplace.  Ellie Altshuler of Fox Rothschild Attorneys explains how she works with entrepreneurs in building, managing and sustaining their brands strategically in traditional and non-traditional ways.

1:25 PT/4:25 ET
Pitch Perfect with Christina Poletto, Lifestyle Editor Better Homes & Gardens

Developing a relationship with Editors and getting published is an essential component of maintaining the longevity of your interior design firm.  Christina Poletto, Lifestyle Editor of Better Homes & Gardensmagazine reveals what every designer wants to know:  how to pitch.




Produced By Me By Design



Me By Design is an idea boutique for interior designers, bespoke product makers and on-camera hosts in lifestyle category.  We create bold, memorable brands and then strategically seed them on and offline to attract high-level client, publication, television and licensing opportunities.


Based in Los Angeles, we’ve worked with clients across the country and over the border in Canada.  With visions as varied as their styles, our clients have been featured on network and cable television, on the web, and in leading design publications like Elle Decor and Architectural Digest.




These Affordable Home Decor Ideas Will Boost Your Home’s Value

A home is a major investment. Most spend their entire lives paying off a mortgage so it’s important to get the most profit and value out of it as possible. There are so many different ways to increase the value of a home that don’t involve breaking down walls, weeks of projects or the inconvenience of rewiring an entire floor. With a lot of the ideas listed below, the time needed may only be within the span of one week. Here are three different suggestions of ways to increase a home’s value in a way that’s affordable.


1. Go Green


Everyone is looking for ways to decrease their carbon footprint. Not only does it help the environment but going green can really keep money in your pocket too. Going green can be as simple as installing new energy efficient lighting throughout the house. And if you want to spend a bit more and be a little more adventurous, then you might be interested in hooking up motion detectors to lights so that they aren’t left on for hours even when there’s nobody in the room. Another idea would be to update your thermostat to something more intelligent and efficient, like the Nest.


2. Replace the Kitchen


The kitchen is the place where people spend a lot of time entertaining and eating, of course. While stainless steel appliances and granite countertops are some of the ideal upgrades on a wish list, simply changing the colour of the cabinets with a good sanding and fresh coat of paint can really lighten and brighten up any kitchen. Little details such as the knobs and handles for cabinets and other fixtures in the house can make a difference in the home’s value also.  And it also means you don’t have to get a loan just to get that new look you want.


3. Update the Bathroom


Bathrooms can be pretty simple to upgrade with new wall cabinets, a new toilet or even new flooring, especially if you choose a less expensive option such as vinyl or for the floor. It’s still possible to replace the wall tiles with an attractive tile without spending a fortune, particularly if you don’t need to cover a large area. In fact, you could go all out for a polished natural stone or porcelain tile for small bathrroms or en suites and not really spend too much more than you would for a fairly standard ceramic tile.


With a little time and patience, all of these projects can make a dramatic difference in the room.

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