A Great Interior Designer’s Profile Would …

What Makes A Great Interior Designer Profile?

I would argue that an image is the basis of a great profile for an interior designer.

Something to WOW me and to attract me all within a second. Something that tells me more about you than perhaps words could do succinctly.

Then you’ve hooked me I might read on a bit further.

Then you would need to tell your client what kind of projects and people you work with and perhaps also how you engage and work. You might NOT even need a killer headline “Best Interior Designer In London” or you might.

What do you think?

But of course you already have done such a profile on your web site 😉

We are happy to host (no strings or ropes attached) a brief profile of your INTERIOR DESIGN or ARCHITECTURE business on this blog (https://www.kothea.com) with a link back to your site. Nada. Nothing Rien. No cost. Your benefit is free advertising to subscribers to and readers of this blog and a reputable backlink to boost your site’s visibility even further.

What do we get out of it? One day you’ll buy some fabrics or cashmere throws from us. Maybe. Perhaps. Hopefully 🙂

To be clear: This is for interior designers and architects and NOT their suppliers.

Profile: Anouska Hempel

Photo Credit: yoo.com

Anouska Hempel is globally recognised as a leading interior designer with a modern-minimalist style.

She is most famous for the Blakes Hotel and the Hempel Hotel.

Her work covers many areas from: yachts to private residences; boutique hotels to restaurants; and from private commissions to high-end retails shops.

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