100% Design Exhibition

The 100% design exhibition is about to kick off.

Normally the preserve of the up and coming designers this exhibition is a bit thin on the ground when it comes to the more serious fabric companies. Still the fabric companies that do exhibit there tend to stand out.

So would an established fabric company in Chelsea Harbour gain new customers from Focus (aka Chelsea Harbour Design Week) or would they just be exhibiting to the already converted. Maybe (if given the choice) exhibiting at 100% Design would give them a clear run at their target audience – albeit a smaller one?

Just a thought.

Also 100% design tended to be at the forefront of some industry trends. Maybe it will be this year as well, I hope so. But you have to say that Decorex have pulled into a marketing lead with the look and feel of their pre-event marketing. As I said in a previous post the latter’s logo and indeed their whole web site is very slick. Great on-trend design.