Textile Pinking Machines

For the emergency fabric samples that we sometimes have to make when we are out of stock of samples we use the GOLDSTAR pinking machine. Here’s a quick youtube video from the manufacturer

And here is another one that looks a bit more industrial strength.

Bokja Design Studio (via The Decor8)

Not sure about this as a ‘new trend’, there are a lot of those around at present. However creative design certainly lives on with these great chairs. Awesome job.

Bokja Design Studio a new trend in furniture has started in Kuwait , renovating old vintage furniture using colorful textile . i really loved how "meblogging" changed her old furniture here , making it more vivid and colorful which reminded me of bokja design . Hoda and Maria from Lebanon started a furniture company named "Bokja Design Studio" which was based on renovating old furniture adding colorful textile to it . any item from their collection would make a beau … Read More

via The Decor8