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Fabric Shade Colour Cards

Silk Velvet Upholstery Mohair

Selected Colour Cards or Shade Cards

We have a limited number of colour cards available online in pdf format, shown below. These are scans of actual colour cards and the trueness of the colour will be different from the actual fabric because of the way we scan it and the way you view it. Please use the colour cards as a guide and then ask us to send swatches/cuttings.

Request cuttings <here>.

Fine Faux Leather (Collection 3) – Colour Chart
Fine Faux Leather (Collection 4) – Colour Chart
Cotton Velvet – Colour Chart
Cashmere Throws – Colour Chart
Mohair Velvet (Collection 1) – Colour Chart
Mohair Velvet (Collection 3) – Colour Chart
Mohair Velvet (Collection 4) – Colour Chart
Faux Animal Skin Collections – Design Chart





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