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Designers’ Worksheets

Designers’ Worksheets

We have put together some reference resources to help you with FR and durability research when you come to specifying fabrics. When you are looking at durability you might want to consider abrasion resistance which is measured by Martindale or Wyzenbeek tests. Similarly important is the need to correctly specify fabrics with the correct degree of fire retardancy for the specific job you are working on. The most commonly useful FR standard in the UK is Crib 5 – but there are others suitable for home and also for more onerous environments where, for example, Crib 7 may be appropriate.

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Velvet Upholstery
BS7176, BS5852, Crib Test, Cigarette & Match Test
Martindale Rub Test Upholstery
BS5852, Cigarette & Match Test (Crib Test)

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