How to Improve the Look of a Work Area While Thinking About Safety

woman at a computerWhen a team of tradesmen are hired to carry out work on on a commercial building, it’s important to not only think about the design and desired result, but about the health and safety of the employees who will later work in the building too. Whether it’s the look of a car garage, a car park, an office block or a factory that needs improving, there are a number of considerations that need to be factored in…


Fire safety

Fire is a health and safety hazard for every business, which means that fire proofing is essential in a work space. Firstly, you should think about the soft furnishings in your work space: carpets, curtains, fabric blinds and fabric chairs can be highly flammable, so why not try using fire retardant fabric sprays on these materials? Also, fire doors should be fitted in the premises or standard doors should at least be coated with a layer of fire resistant paint.


Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire alarms must be installed to ensure that the work space complies with the government’s health and safety regulations too, and if a sprinkler system is being installed, it will need planning into the refurbishment at the appropriate point.


Finally, a re-designed work space might look the part, but if it doesn’t contain an adequate number of emergency exit points at suitable positions, the design won’t be good enough. Make sure that exit routes are plentiful and properly signposted.


Commercial buildings (particularly those that were built before the year 2000), are likely to contain asbestos in some form. Asbestos is a highly dangerous material for people to work around, and is especially dangerous for tradesmen or contractors who come into contact with: the fibres from asbestos can settle in lungs, causing asbestosis and mesothelioma.


Tradesmen should take care when drilling, removing, cutting or sanding structures in a work space: the materials used for fire protection, insulation or textured coatings often contain asbestos. Contractors should only carry out work involving exposure to asbestos if they’re trained, licensed and insured to handle it.



The surface of a work space is a very important consideration too. While a work area can be cleaned using chemically appropriate materials to reduce the risk of slips, it might be better to just repair or replace the floor altogether. Use an anti-slip coating on surfaces to help to minimize the risk of trips and falls, or add a layer of coloured anti-slip paint to brighten up a work area while adding decoration, durability and protection.


Noise and ventilation

In work areas that become excessively noisy (for instance, where cartridge operated tools or heavy machinery is used) it might be necessary to install barriers or protective screens around equipment or areas where noisy processes are carried out. Also, adequate ventilation is essential for work areas such as car garages, factories or warehouses, or anywhere else chemicals and fumes pose a health hazard.


There are many more safety considerations to think about when improving the look of a work area (such as not trailing cables across walkways, ensuring there’s adequate lighting to provide an even lighting level across work areas, and accounting for changes in surface levels using tread markers or other markings), so be sure to work closely with site managers and designers when carrying out refurbishments.

Designer Profile: ZOË ETTER

Designer Zoe Etter  :: LibraryUp-and-coming Fabric Designer, Zoë Etter, was recently commissioned by KOTHEA to update our linen ‘Alpha Boucle’ upholstery fabric for S/S 2017 to incorporate new elements for the luxury market. The muted fabric features the addition of embellished and tufted yarn in simple linear shapes which are designed for a smart, contemporary look for the home.

alpha Boucle - Striped (2017)The refined designs are aimed at clients who want a simple, durable style that is visually effective. The soft colourways combined with the rich textures offers flexibility for a statement upholstery that is classic in style with a modern edge. Most suitable for chairs and soft furnishings, the fabrics’ 3D look is inviting, and remains comfortable whilst giving a luxurious feel.

Abstract shapes, bold lines and textures typify most of Zoë’s design work, whether it be for fashion or interiors. Photography strongly influences the start of a project and is always at the heart of her work. It is predominantly inspired by natural forms which are interpreted through mark making to create bold patterns and textures. Her most recent collection is based around neon florals for the festival-goer.

Another recent project focuses on strong monochromatic designs inspired by the Cornish coastline, which are ideal for creating a graphic look for warmth and interest in a room.

Zoë can be contacted for private commissions directly on or through

Cushion Visualisations   .

7 Benefits of Hiring Interior Design Companies

Hiring an interior design company may seem a tough decision for you but if you really know the benefits, you will say it a ‘yes’.

For planning interior design or remodelling for your home, you can do it yourself but if you know advantages, you must be acquiring some professionals to get it done more beautifully.

Are you still worried of hiring an interior design company? The benefits here will help you for decision-making.
◾Background & Interior Design Experience

An interior design company owns interior designing as its field of expertise and excellence. This is one of the only benefit that no one can challenge to trust them. It has background in interior designing and experience to take variety of interior designing projects. This makes it trust worthy to deal with any sort of interior designing task. For your home or office, you can undoubtedly hire an interior design company to revive your space.
◾Professional Assessment

Interior design companies have a team of experts and professionals who have an eye for designing and beautifying spaces. They are professionals concerned for your home and to fulfil your demands. Hiring an interior designing company helps to assess your home and its interior designing needs by talented professionals who provide you right decisions and suggestions for what is good for your home.
◾Planning Within Budget

The company provides you best space planning ideas with in your budget. They know the furniture, accessories, products and other service you need but considering your pocket that how to provide you best interior design staying with in the limit. They save both your time and money.
◾Availability of Resources

You may rely on an interior design company for availability of resources that you may acquire for your home interior design. A company is filled with all those resources, services and ideas under one roof that make an interior designing successful. It has your needs in mind and thus gets all those resources who need to be involved in interior designing.
◾Reducing Stress and Worries

For a stress free interior designing, hire an interior design company that is always ready to take your headache and let go your worries. If you do it yourself, you really has to deal with lot of things like getting right colour for your rooms, right furniture, missing items and the man power. So, an interior design company brings you all that.
◾More Functional Detailing

For those nook and corners, which you have never thought of reviving, an interior design company pays attention. It considers all elements of interior designing to make each part of your home more functional. Interior designers add up smart detailing to get you a best interior design that is not only decorative but offers more functionality to rest, dine and play.
◾Meeting Your Dream

One of the biggest benefit of hiring an interior design company is that, it is the only place helping you to meet your dreams. An interior design company keeps in mind your demands and dreams and then works on them to get you an interior design that you have imagined of. It brings you a customized and highly personal interior design that can inspire anyone.

You will get all these benefits by hiring an interior design company that is always striving to serve its clients with best services. Crux Interiors, the interior design company in Dubai offers variety of interior designing benefits ranging beginning from space planning to finally accomplishing an interior designing project.

Guest Author: Faiza Sareah

Top 5 Coolest Bar Stool Designs

f you own a pub, restaurant, cafe or bar, you’ll know all about how important it is to portray the right image. Image is, after all, everything in business – so if the design and layout of your establishment doesn’t reflect the type of atmosphere you want to create, you could really be missing a trick.

From coasters to wallpaper and everything in-between, design is everything – and it is important to consider the design of even the most commonplace and essential components of your drinking or dining space if you want to attract customers.

To give you an idea of just how much something as simple as a bar stool can say about your business, and how much they can contribute to its overall style and success; below are 5 of the coolest and most intuitive bar stool designs out there.

 1. Candyland dream



This sort of design is great for a 1950s-inspired diner or cafe, or could be just as suitable in a candy-themed or children’s dining area. Order a cheeseburger, fries and a huge strawberry milkshake, and you’re ready to go!

2. Hell’s Angels’ Heaven



Ordering a Coor’s Light or Budweiser has never been more exciting! If you really want to go the whole hog, take a leaf out of this bar’s book and repurpose something niche and disused that you’re sure will appeal to your clientele.

3. Safari, so-goody


If your place of business has a wildlife or safari theme, or your target demographic is children, then getting a little playful with your café bar stool choices could be a good idea. When sat atop these animal-themed stools, your customers will be transformed into a human-animal hybrid that’s sure to get tongues wagging!

4. Minimalist chic


If unusual material choices and striking, unique designs are more reflective of your pub or club’s branding, then opting for some perhaps non-traditional bar stools which offer more aesthetic benefits than outright comfort would be ideal. These toughened glass stools in particular are the epitome of designer minimalism.

5. To cap it all off…


Get creative with your seating choices and invite customers to sit atop a giant bottlecap at the bar! Or you could choose something more closely related to your particular business’ niche, such as coffee cup lids or even sushi roll shapes. The options are endless, really.