Decorative Hats For Interior Design Details

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No hat? try an apple instead.

OK it’s a long shot.

Deer antlers were so-2015.

Well, probably more like 2010 when they appeared on many pages in World of Interiors and other similar Interiors magazines

What is going to be the ‘next big thing’ to decorate  your hall or room walls?

My money is on hats.

Hats of all shapes, colours and sizes.

A strange choice perhaps but I reckon the versatility of the hat will lend itself to many Interiors as mini-Isles of inspiration.

1. Kitchen

Obviously here it’s going to be a series of 3 of those large, white chef’s’ hats. They might take up a bit of wall space but there’s an obvious fit. They might get a bit splattered from time to time and lose their pristine whiteness but hey practicality never stopped a good interior designer.

2. Kid’s bedroom

Apologies for any ensuing sexist clichés but the Real Madrid-loving daughter in your life will certainly like  a selection of 5 Real Madrid Supporters’ Club hats adorning here wall. You’d probably have a different one from each of 5 championship-winning year. Have they won 5 times? No idea! Probably. Why 5? Odd numbers are best.

3. The graffiti-covered teenage chill out room

So we all knew, even back in the ’90s, that street graffiti was going to make its way first to loft-type apartments and then to perhaps less well suited residences.

Anyway, maybe now the teens hang out in front of the video consoles in your street-art room.#

Naturally some form of street-related hat is required here, the obvious choice being the humble baseball cap. If you are not american then it probably makes little difference which club it is. New York Yankees are the perennial favorite.



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