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5 Ways To Make Some Extra Space In Your Home

Is your home starting to feel too small? There are tricks to create the feeling of having more space, but what you probably require is actual space. Whether it is your family or your shoe collection that has grown since you moved in, there just isn’t enough room anymore. If you love everything about your home except the lack of space, then before you contact the estate agent to start looking for somewhere bigger, here are a few ways that you could make extra room in your current house.


Have a sort out

Our houses tend to be full of things that we no longer need and it could be that by clearing this out you are left with a lot more space. There is no need to just throw it away either! With sites such as Freeads you can make money for your unwanted possessions. It will take no time at all to post your ad, which won’t cost you a penny! Then you can de-clutter your home as well as making a bit of easy money that you can put towards something new to help organise it.


Make use of your loft

Our lofts are primarily used to store junk. If we don’t know where to put something it tends to end up there to keep it out the way until the day we might need it. Since you have realised you won’t ever need the things that were up there and have just got rid of most of it during your sort out, why not make the most of your loft space and turn it into an extra room? This could be a playroom for the kids, a guest bedroom or even an office!


Effective Storage

Think outside the box and make the most of unused space by turning it into something useful. There are many awkward spaces in the home, including sloping ceilings and empty space under the stairs. But these can be transformed into a handy storage solution. Perhaps you could turn a bay window into a window seat, which will provide both extra seating and extra storage underneath or use spare wall space to add cupboards or shelving.


Multi-Functional Furniture

When purchasing furniture for your home, look for something that is going to be multi-functional – furniture that will provide you with what you require from it whilst also offering storage for efficient use of the space. A fold up kitchen table is handy for providing space when not in use, or how about a coffee table with inbuilt shelving? Your bed, for example, takes up a huge amount of your bedroom, so by purchasing one with either space or storage underneath you are putting an area that would otherwise be wasted to good use.


Build an Extension

Are you are still feeling space-deprived? By having an extension added to your house you could make an existing room bigger or create new rooms. Not only will this provide you with the space you need when you need it, it will also add value to your house for when you do come to sell it.

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