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A Modern Approach towards Minimalistic Interior Design and Architecture

2The use of latest technology has not only speeded up the construction and interior designing tasks but has also boosted the minimalist approach of a modern architect and interior designer in Pakistan.

Now, the complex and lager construction and interior designing projects even do not take too long to be completed because the latest equipment, modern methods and techniques save a lot of time.

Do the modern constructional and interior designing needs and trends have similarity with the past tendencies? Although, basics remain the same but the use of latest knowledge and involvement of technology in every domain have introduced new trends and techniques. When it comes to describing the interior design and construction, the concepts about several basic things have been changed to a greater extent. Let us learn about the latest approach towards minimalistic interior designing and architecture.

Using Symmetrical, Sleek and Simple Designs

As far as structural and constructional aspects of a building are concerned, the modern construction companies across Pakistan such as Amer Adnan Associates ® prefer designing symmetrical, sleek and simple structure because these signify the modern architecture. The modern architecture in Pakistan is different from that of Mughals’ era, where the artwork (carvings, curves, domes and complex patterns) were considered more appealing.

In this modern era, the buildings with more of sleek look both from inside and outside, are considered trendy. The modern architecture focuses more on the angular shapes while using geometry. Additionally, the use of 3D technology has also revolutionized Pakistan’s construction sector because it allows architects to get the exact tangible models of modern houses, using which, the architects can make their work much easier and faster than ever.

Checking the Colors’ Effect on Moods

When you think of your house the first thought that comes in your mind is a relaxing, peaceful and comfortable place but only if the interior is designed while keeping all the technical factors in view. Do you know the colors do affect your moods? The best way of making a house interior colorful is by painting it with different color paints but this is never a random choice. The modern interior designers choose a particular color after exploring its effects on the overall house interior and on the moods of the inhabitants. Every part of a house perhaps has its own requirement when it comes to choosing paint colors; you need to consider its usage, exposure to natural light and the climatic conditions of particular locations where the house is situated.

Maintaining a Livelier Interior with Proper Lighting

Do you know the proper lighting is essential to transform a lifeless ambiance of a house into a livelier feel? Light signifies life, so when it comes to construction, architects do consider whether or not, the particular design is promoting the entrance of natural light inside. Like colors, it also has a direct impact on the moods of people; a dull, dark and quiet feel may cause you depression. Light makes your mood lighter and happier; therefore, the modern day construction companies not only promote the entrance of natural light in a house but also use the artificial lighting fixtures, while keeping the technical factors in view. This is the reason why there is a visible shift from smaller congested windows to larger door-size windows in almost every part of a house.

Going Green

The trend of green construction is also getting popularity in Pakistan because it allows the architecture and interior designing companies in Pakistan to design environment friendly houses, where dwellers can enjoy more of a healthy and pleasing life with a well-maintained balance between a house interior and that of the outside environment.

Whether it is about mapping, construction or interior designing of a house, a minimalistic approach allows a professional to come up with creative ideas.

Author Bio:

Nabeel Abbas is an experienced author, having more than 9 years of experience under his belt, is currently contributing as a senior author for Amer Adnan Associates. He is working as a modern interior designer in Pakistan for several years. For more see

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