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Sophisticated Window Dressing Ideas

Every once in a while it can be a nice idea to update the furniture and decor in your home. This is possible on a range of budgets, so don’t think that you cannot afford a sophisticated look due to this. One of the areas that is often neglected are the windows and their dressings; in many homes the same curtains and coverings can be used for decades without change!

Instead of letting your interiors become dated by your curtains, perhaps it is time that you made a few amendments. It could be the perfect time as spring is now just around the corner and you could combine this activity with your annual clear-out. Here are a few ideas about the types of window dressings you could use to get the best effect…

Start with the best windows

The whole process is made easier by having windows that look up to scratch. You can read more on buying new windows online, including your local suppliers and what variations are available. Predominantly you will want something that will last many years down the line without needing too much maintenance, but also consider the aesthetics as it is important that your windows look great to bring the whole effect together.

Go with a minimalist approach

If you prefer light and airy spaces, you might want to choose a minimalistic look for your window coverings as it can create something dramatic yet stylish. A lot of the time, a great window can come down to the fabrics and materials being used, so pay attention to what you are using. Crisp monochrome colours work well here, including industrial effects from chrome coloured metal. Alternatively you could choose wooden blinds for a funky and fresh look.

Go with an opulent approach

Alternatively you may want to go all sumptuous with an opulent approach, something that is sure to provide your room with the air of sophistication. There are some very rich materials you could use, but just ensure that they are treated with an anti-flammable product as they could otherwise prove to be a fire hazard. Look for deep purples and navy blue hues, preferably in a fabric such as velvet.

Avoid ‘cheap’ effects

When you have picked some lovely fabrics for your windows, you will know what to avoid in the future. You can pick up beautiful window dressings regardless of your budget, but there are items that look cheaper than others. Paper-based window coverings are one such example, as well as net curtains that have come from the high street market. Whilst some of these items may seem practical, they hardly give you the sophisticated look that your room deserves.

Ultimately, you will want to go down a route that suits your personality and needs, but the end result should be something that catches the eye of both you and guests to your home. Have a look on some other resources online to get some inspiration – Pinterest is always good for projects such as this.

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