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Superior Interiors with Kelly Hoppen | Channel 5

Downing Tweet Christmas receptionThe vast majority of us in the Interior Design industry are not in the position to be able to host a TV show like Kelly Hoppen‘s  “Superior Interiors with Kelly Hoppen | Channel 5“. Such great publicity is obviously a client-winner.

From a business angle the programme is a good watch for interior designers. Of particular interest to me is how she deals with her clients. She is very good interpersonally. But, from a creative point of view, I especially like how she and the programme address situations where the client obviously does not agree with part of her design. Kelly Hoppen is very good at politely sticking by her guns and by the correctness, if you like, of what she is proposing. She is flexible enough to  eventually succumb in but not without a gracious and often persuasive fight.

Of course this raises the perennial issue of whether or not ‘the client is king’ or ‘the client is always right’. However if the client is right and got their way, in such instances, then the client is happy! If the client is not right then at least that reinforces the correctness of the designer’s original  scheme and the parts of it that were followed.

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