Fabric Abbreviations, Material Composition On Textile Labels For Interior Designers

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Fabric labels often have abbreviations and some of these generally accepted abbreviations are for non-English words. So here is a handy little reference chart for all you interior designers out there showing what all those pesky abbreviations mean. Please comment if any are missing.

Also reference here is a list of fabric qualities and what they are (eg boucle, chenille, chintz, crepe)

WO – Wool (Sheep by default)

WV – Virgin Fleece Wool

WP – Alpaca Wool

WL – Lama Wool

WS – Cashmere Goat a.k.a. Kaschmir and Cachemire and (incorrectly) Kashmir

WM – Mohair (Goat) Wool

SE – Silk / Seide

CO – Cotton / Baumwolle

LI – Flax / Linen

HA – Hemp / Hanf

CV – Viscose

CMD – Modal

CLY – Lyocell

PA – Nylon / Polyamid

PES – Polyester

PUR – Polyurethane

EL – Elastane aka spandex

ME – Metallic

AF – Other Fibers

Some Italian Translations and Abbreviations:

WP – can also mean baby alpaca Wool

VI – also means viscose

WK – camel hair wool

WA – angora wool

PBT -polyester

EA – elastane

PC – acrylic

PM – polyester

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11 Replies to “Fabric Abbreviations, Material Composition On Textile Labels For Interior Designers”

  1. Can you help me read this label? It unfortunately has no spaces. It reads like this:


    So, first off, the material is a ponty (don’t know why they spell it punty). What is the DR bit? Composition, I read at 65% viscose, 30% polyamide, 5% elastane. But was is the 320GR bit? The bolt width is 150cm, and the colour is Sand.

    So, I think I have that mostly right, except for the DR and the 320GR?

      1. Hahaha. Yes, I think it was just a spelling thing. Punty and Ponty seem to be used interchangeably in South Africa. Probably got mis-spelled one day when someone misheard an accent?

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