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Interior Designers: What words jump out of your web site

This is a quick one from me. A little bit fun, a little bit serious.

The “Wordle” web site tool looks at your web site and then, I think, nicely presents what it thinks are some of your keywords based on some mysterious linguistic algorithm. It probably places emphasis on strong emotional words that you use.

As you can see from the image it picks up ‘loathe’, ‘discerning’ and ‘beautiful’ as well as words we commonly use like ‘Interior’ and ‘Design’. Although I’m not too sure about the visual combination of those words, which I can assure you I don’t! But it also makes me think maybe I should express strong positive comments like “love interior design” and not occasionally using strong negative words. Food for thought anyway.

Just click on the image and you can do one for your web site or blog as well. It takes a minute or two, not long.

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